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kinder in a sentence

31. Kinder Downfall in strong westerly wind.

32. Hags and groughs on the Kinder plateau.

33. to be keener of mind and kinder of heart.

34. Foreign critics were kinder to the film;

35. Kinder batted and threw right-handed.

36. the apple nowhere finds A kinder mould;

37. Brown was born in Kinder, Louisiana.

38. Kinder is the German word for "children";

39. Kinder was reelected in November 2008.

40. In October 2011, Kinder Morgan Inc.

41. Evangelical reviewers were much kinder.

42. It was Ellis Kinder facing Vic Raschi.

43. Modern critics have been no kinder.

44. It was Ellis Kinder facing Vic Raschi.

45. Originally it was known as Kinder.

46. Kinder Township was founded in 1872.

47. This was a kinder image of the reality.

48. The Chief Executive is Ian Kinder.

49. John is kinder to Unity and adopts her.

50. Kinder lives with his wife in Seattle.

51. Previous name was Success Kinder Garten.

52. Jan Runar Kinder (26 May 1944 –

53. Kinder KZ was run from 1941 to 1945.

54. Despite this, he has a kinder side.

55. Open for Kinder - Grade Three pupils.

56. Kinder Morgan protest in Vancouver.

57. The editor-in-chief is J.E. Kinder.

58. Kinder Eggs were launched in 1974.

59. It was designed by Arthur Kinder &

60. Ein Geschenk für fleißige Kinder."