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No. sentence
1 was reduced to a kind of nibbled cheese rind, and it always disappeared before we expected it to.
2 flesh of this kind of fish has exceptional delicacy.
3 This kind of speaker box was handcrafted.
4 This kind of beetles have hard shell.
5 This kind of problem frequently crops up.
6 But, touching your medicine, kind Sir, in my present frame of body, I need it not.
7 What kind of environments have you worked in?
8 Visitor: Well, thanks, but maybe I will be swirled by the wine, especially for my empty stomach. I've heard this kind of wine is very stong.
9 Some NIEM practitioners create more formal CMTs that have separate columns indicating the kind of extension, the base types and elements, and the level of semantic alignment.
10 We found issues on both the client - and server-side that might not have otherwise been discovered as quickly without this kind of interoperability testing.
11 Raising machine is one kind of equipment of textile post - disposing, also named as fluffing machine or fuzzing machine.
12 In fact you do not have to kill any animals for this kind of research because we do everything in a test tube.
13 The stance that I'm trying to describe, which is a kind of ambivalent and complicated one, emerges powerfully in the poem "Easter, 1916," on page 105 in this book.
14 Because they think you are funding every kind of anti-western group," I replied.
15 This kind of storage battery charges easily.
16 If so, then perhaps you have wondered what kind of giving is the most valuable.
17 So, I'm inclined to think that the right position here is a kind of moderate one, a modest one.
18 They contain a rather wonderful kind of truth.
19 They were faeries, although not the kind from books, paintings, and the movies.
20 danger here is that Italy descends into the kind of vicious circle that other European nations have faced.
21 No matter what kind of begging, whining, or complaining we did, he relentlessly made us draw lines.
22 Instead, the diagram should represent any kind of thing that passes from one activity to another: whether it be orders, parts, finished goods, designs, services, hardware, software — or data.
23 Letters have been pouring into the office complaining about this kind of refrigerator.
24 I see, they are complaining that you are not a kind boss.
25 Our intelligences work together in different combinations and to varying degrees to solve real world problems of every kind, across domains and disciplines.
26 a nutshell, the method tells us what kind of variable we are dealing with, once we know the name.
27 Bin Lin, a Ph.D. candidate from China at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas, writes: "You should work out problems with some kind of pain without computers."
28 You could modify the parseOpts() function to check for multiple occurrences of the same command line option, but you’ll have to decide how valuable adding that kind of check would be.
29 very kind thing to do; I've been misjudging him all these years.
30 So they grab him,a big riot ensues, and they take Paul before the Sanhedrin, the big sort of Jerusalem kind of senate type body, and they put him on trial.