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No. sentence
1 The fellow who was suspected of killing his wife was finally hurled into prison.
2 He refused to imbrue his hands with the blood of more killing.
3 other words, we should stop them killing us and our children.
4 meter sinkhole ripped through a port of Manaus in Brazil, killing at least 10 people, Allvoices reported.
5 Israel has a particular reason to avoid killing civilians, since the people it is bombing are the neighbours with whom it so much needs to live in peace.
6 What was it like for her to stand beside a neighbor who admitted killing women and children?
7 Three months from now, it will be 95 above and we will be cultivating corn, weeding strawberries and killing chickens.
8 Now, James and her crew of technicians are looking for fungicides that may be even more effective in killing the spores.
9 Despite its claims, Dartmoor zoo itself has been responsible for killing animals - deer, as a result of "overpopulation", and a Wolf who was ostracised by the pack, for example.
10 Some antibacterial ingredients like triclosan leave a residue on the skin that continues killing some bacteria.
11 You know whos going to inherit the Earth?Arms dealers. Because everyone else is too busy killing each other.
12 The ichneumon wasp paralyses its prey without killing it and lays its larva inside this convenient source of fresh meat, to eat it slowly alive.
13 But if the Libyan regime starts killing people in their thousands-and especially if it USES helicopter gunships or aircraft-diplomatic reluctance should melt away.
14 Propylene glycol is also used "As the killing and preserving agent in pitfall traps, usually used to capture ground beetles" [10].
15 One is counterterrorism (CT), championed by the vice-president, Joe Biden, which would give up trying to build a state and concentrate on killing enemies.
16 killing pain is knifing my stomach.
17 Mr Gulen made an unusual break with the government after last year's killing of nine Turks by Israeli commandos who swooped on a ship taking supplies to Gaza.
18 These fights are always ended with killing of one of the dog as this is the only chance to get the prize.
19 The Queen shivered, remembering the boy who had died wailing that the black squares and the white were killing him.
20 She belted out superb versions of “Son of aPreacher Man” and “Killing Me Softly”, with backing vocals by Wikipedia’sfounder, Jimmy Wales.
21 three days after the Puerto Ordaz near-disaster, three Caracas commuter trains collided, killing the driver of one of them and injuring dozens of passengers.
22 At the end, with a wide, almost triumphant grin, he declared, “The work you are doing exceeds the amount of calories you take in. Every day, every trip you take—you are slowly killing yourselves.”
23 Before I explain in more detail why your lifestyle might be killing you I have a big announcement for you.
24 Bears reproduce slowly, he says, so killing even a few could have large repercussions on the state's population of black, brown and grizzly bears.
25 He was also a regular drunk driver who got into numerous accidents, killing a man in one and causing his own legs to be amputated due to injury in another.
26 There are other good books about how killing programmers is counterproductive for managers, but this is one of the best.
27 FARC was famous for abducting Chiquita workers and killing them, as well as aerial bombings of Chiquita lands.
28 This might not actually be quite legal without changing existing laws, as killing any owls is currently against California law under the state's Fish and Game Code.
29 Israel's air force has pounded every corner of that wretched country, killing hundreds of civilians and putting hundreds of thousands to flight, for more than two weeks.
30 gold toilet is capable of killing bacteria, cleaning and flushing automatically. Besides, it can play jazz and adjust the water flush voluntarily.