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No. sentence
1 He killed off the whole morning by listening to the music.
2 The frost killed those flowers.
3 Aid workers might benefit from something similar to the Rory Peck Trust, named after a renowned cameraman killed during fighting in Moscow in 1993.
4 Lung cancer killed his father.
5 In most fires many people got killed not because they were burned to death but because they were suffocated.
6 Bibi lost her leg below the knee from a rocket attack 5 months ago that killed her sister and brother, injuring her mother as well.
7 Andre tells Kim that he once had a sister, but Jack had killed her.
8 's most active volcano, Mount Merapi in central Java, killed more than 350 people in a series of violent eruptions last year.
9 The carcass of a calf killed by the jaguars that inhabit the native forest bordering a ranch.
10 But it will not be easy for Mumbai, and India, to recover from this protracted horror, which has killed at least 195 people and injured some 300.
11 All the people were killed when a bus plunged off a mountain road.
12 Climate also seems to have played a role in the epidemic of Black Death, which killed about half the population of Central Europe by 1347.
13 Yuxi" word 19 paintings for the FY-shield month, a hard lot of difficult, serious, can cause the insolvency of the number of killed is not Kyrgyzstan.
14 Running from house to house, Mr. Yang killed a 70-year-old woman who was making firecrackers, and a man who was watching a television drama on his sofa.
15 Yang killed a 70-year-old woman who was making firecrackers and a man who was watching a television drama on his sofa.He slashed the man's wife and a girl drawing well water.
16 I urged the officer to hide his family to ensure that his wife and children weren't kidnapped or killed in retaliation.
17 It was difficult, the first time I saw an animal killed in one of these ceremonies," he admits.
18 I also killed the priests of Baal in Jerusalem and Judah and I destroyed everything that the people could worship like statues.
19 They should be killed off like rats.
20 his heart to see his daughter killed by bandits.
21 At last he was hunted down and killed by hanging.
22 A boy was run over by a truck and got killed immediately.
23 15 funerals have been held at the center, including one attended by some 500 people for a police dog killed in the line of duty.
24 she exclaimed, her tears running down as she killed the birds tenderly.
25 The Kenyan government, a state oil company and residents of a Nairobi slum blamed each other for an oil pipeline explosion that killed more than 80 people.
26 The injuries are the remnants of a mine explosion that nearly killed him.
27 God mercilessly killed my dream, so I will give up?
28 Driven by jealousy she killed her friend.
29 He killed his enemy and fled the country.
30 killed, therefore I killed him.