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1 Of his more than 100 pictures only a dozen or so shone (" Dil Deke Dekho ", "an Evening in Paris", "Kashmir Ki Kali"), treasured for the moves and the hopelessly catchy songs.
2 Peter Goerdt of KI expects desks and other work-surfaces incorporating the latest thinking in wireless recharging to start trickling into classrooms and offices over the next year or two.
3 A synthetic method to calculate stress intensity factor KI by use of the data obtained in the experiment of three dimensional photoelasticity is developed in this paper.
4 as one of the stars of the Asian Cup, Koo seems set to form a long-term partnership with another impressive emerging Korean midfielder, Ki Sung-Yueng.
5 WHO is contributing to the work of the High-Level Task Force on the Global Food Crisis led by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon.
6 Cixi external exchanges and cooperation more traditional, back in the Qin Dynasty, in Cixi toff ki CHANGKENGNANPENGSHAN to sail, east to Japan, beginning the foreign exchanges in the district.
7 When inspecting in Folk music in Lantsang Basin of Three Parallel Rivers'Region , I began to exposure to Wa Ki Ki of Li su clan in Weixi county , and have a strong interest in it .
8 Subject is the only known man alive who still uses this Japanese form of attack. He also uses the force of Ki in his moves, presumably taught to him by Tsuyoshi as well.
9 Keppel FMO, another KI subsidiary, offers one-stop integrated facilities management services for mission-critical facilities and commercial properties in Singapore and overseas.
10 Society/Environment: UN chief Ban Ki Moon arrives at Cairo hospital to welcome world's 7 billionth child, Malika Hussein. Declares start to Gender Justice Decade.
11 Organizing body “Mungdan Ngang Kang Komiti” wrote letters to President U Thein Sein, UN secretary Ban Ki Moon, Asean Countries, UNFC and other European Countries, said Naw Naw.
12 Uses the fuzzy technology to KP, KI, KD, carries on the on-line adjustment may in the certain degree enhance compatibility of the PID controller.
13 Mask dance artist Zhang (Gan Yucheng ornaments) to fool the people around them bear, and his best friend Kong Ji (Jun Ki decoration) came together to seek the development of Hanyang.
14 of fabrication of the patterned DLC thin film cathode, a ki nd of matrix -addressed diode FED prototype is designed and packaged.
15 Ki Baek and co considered the two obvious extremes.
16 Ki is a tiny village in the middle of the Himalayas, and next to it is Ki Gompa (Ki Monastery).
17 Objective To study the biological characteristics of newly isolated Toxoplasma gondii Korean isolate-1 (KI-1).
18 Ki Sung-yong's seventh-minute free kick went over a group of players and to an unmarked Lee Jung-soo at the far post to tap in and convert South Korea's first chance on goal.
19 summarized the clinical application of Zhaohai (KI 6) and presented its application in four cases of insomnia, chronic pharyngitis, retention of urine and neurodermatitis.
20 Ki Hyun Ryu was a character designer, and JM animation was one of the two Korean animation Studios for the original series.
21 Ki Bum has the soap opera, Kang in's incident and Hee Chul's solo, Here comes Han Geng's incident again... oh, this is giving me a big headache, you guys better just disband.
22 Objective To study the effect of Lasix injected into Fuliu acupoint (KI7) on urine volume.
23 The disagreement was over the proper role of ki development in regular aikido training.
24 After Tohei left, he formed his own style, called Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido, and the organization that governs it, the Ki Society (Ki no Kenkyūkai).
25 The study of ki is an important component of aikido.
26 The kanji for ki normally is written as 気. It was written as 氣 until the writing reforms after World War II, and this older form still is seen on occasion.
27 The character for ki is used in everyday Japanese terms, such as "health" (元気, genki), or "shyness" (内気, uchiki).
28 Gōzō Shioda's Yoshinkan Aikido, considered one of the "hard styles", largely follows Ueshiba's teachings from before World War II, and surmises that the secret to ki lies in timing and the application of the whole body's strength to a single point.
29 In later years, Ueshiba's application of ki in aikido took on a softer, more gentle feel.
30 This concept was known as Takemusu Aiki, and many of his later students teach about ki from this perspective.