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No. sentence
1 Please duplicate this key for me.
2 After following a few simple steps with the GUI on the license server installation launch pad, you will be asked to import your license key from a file.
3 However, it is often more effective to use a special tool that parses and organizes the contents, and automatically detects and highlights key information and anomalies.
4 So you have, I think, at least once record of what are the key parameters and what might one think about when one analysis this event.
5 disposed the extracted characteristics, and judged the technical state of engine using the method of fuzzing mathematics, via measuring the key characteristics parameters of engine.
6 It does have some limitations on value and key lengths, but those are easily adjustable in the code.
7 We therefore welcome the reports of the London Jobs Conference and the Rome Social Summit and the key principles they proposed.
8 By the time he reached Bahrain and sat down for talks with King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa, Mr. Bush was jubilant - hailing the achievement of a key U.S. benchmark.
9 He again became key to a Bayern revival, winning four more league titles, another UEFA Cup and two German Cups.
10 There is a lot of room for creativity in all of this, but they have little chance of developing a complete product, from start to finish, without using other software for key features.
11 In software, however, you can do it with the press of a key.
12 one other than the one that owns the corresponding private key can decrypt the message, thus ensuring its confidentiality.
13 Both disciplines are built around the concept that understanding the customer's business context is the key to success.
14 I have not yet found their key.
15 Then, even to remember hundreds of Numbers, you only need to remember the story and letters key.
16 A key question will be the nature of any evidence against the couple obtained by the British security services.
17 protect Fuxianhe lake becomes the key issue to remain sustainable development of society and economy of Yuxi.
18 main function of flood forecast and Scheduling system of Huashan reservoir in Qujing is introduced as well as the key technology of the whole system. The real operational practices are summarized.
19 was chaotic and a mess, and then came two other key ingredients.
20 The key is allowing lights to switch from green to red in a decentralized, chaotic way, instead of following a regular programmed pattern.
21 Before I launch into my own views on the issue, let me quote a few key ideas.
22 These amplifiers are key components in a complex Identification friend or foe (IFF) system used to interrogate aircraft to determine their friend or foe status.
23 People clamour to lock offenders up and throw away the key, they demand vengeance and retribution.
24 They reappraised the key role of the teacher in the learning process.
25 He turned the key over to me when he left the room.
26 The missions were a key topic for discussion this week at a meeting of the European agency's Industrial Policy Committee (IPC) - its "cheque writing" body.
27 Yes, the job requires Senate confirmation, but it should be a key, inner circle post at this White House.
28 point guard dribbled the ball up the court. He stood above the top of the key, about twenty-four feet from the opposing team's basket.
29 key is what we are spending our time on, and how we are expending our energy.
30 those pivots, they are often the key to a big win.