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No. sentence
1 They all rushed forward but I kept back.
2 She kept her sister's children for a week while she was ill.
3 The old man kept writing his memoirs till the day he crossed over.
4 The employer kept them working all day.
5 The children behaved badly and so the teacher kept them after school.
6 The host kept pressing us to eat.
7 Iron corrodes unless it is greased or kept clean.
8 After they were weaned, they were kept in the same light cycle for several weeks or switched to the opposite one.
9 Tennis, golf, hiking, and skiing kept her freckled the year round. Even her delft-blue irises were dotted, if you looked, with tan specks of melanin.
10 She kept on, kept on." Finally told me, said: I dont like the way this country is headed.
11 In his campaign speeches, he kept pounding at the weakness of the government's foreign policy.
12 We kept walking and one of them came towards us, stopping smoothly at the end of aisle.
13 But he was not deterred. He kept a level head and ensured distribution of aid was fair and that people did not collect handouts just for the sake of getting something.
14 Until now, the centre-that is, perhaps no more than 200 unelected, often elderly, men-have by and large kept control of the reform process and of the country as a whole.
15 the fifth and sixth day, she kept reminding me something, such as, where she put the ironed shirts, I should be careful while cooking, etc.
16 I would have soon found the one I wanted if the books had kept in order.
17 The teacher kept preaching about the importance of study.
18 ACROSS the Mexican countryside, villages are denuded of their working men but kept alive by their Labour.
19 They urged that the library be kept open during the vacation.
20 You guest," he kept saying whenever I tried to protest.
21 He kept on writing.
22 You should not have given up, she argued. You should have kept fighting.
23 Hissing at the base of the tree, Jack the clawless cat kept the bear at bay for about 15 minutes, then ran him up another tree after an attempted escape.
24 The location of the wreck, which is being kept secret, shows that it did not founder because of navigational error.
25 She still kept up with her classmates after graduation.
26 If Skinner kept the focus on rats and pigeons and dogs, he would not have the impact that he did but he argued that you could extend all of these notions to humans and to human behavior.
27 She kept looking at my split lip, until it healed, and stroking it gently.
28 Wilbur didn't care. He kept walking toward the pail of slops.
29 She slid her hand under his T-shirt, danced her fingers lightly on his stomach and up over his chest, and Henry kept his eyes closed, not wanting to know whether it was his wife or her sister.
30 To draw attention to it they kept the worse one in the background, literally putting 'their best foot forward', and with it, of course, their leg.