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No. sentence
1 The child keeps by his mother in the darkness.
2 The home doesn't look exactly like a beer can, but the exterior keeps the red, white and blue coloring and the symbolism -- stars and Hops blossoms -- you'll find on the Budweiser label.
3 The little girl has never seen him before and so she keeps the stranger out.
4 But once a solid-fuel rocket is ignited, it is off like a firework and keeps going until all the fuel is burned up.
5 If the back-end database fails, or if your network connection to it fails or slows, your application keeps running, and this failure is transparent to and does not affect your application.
6 He keeps promising to train for a different career, but instead just sits at home browsing career books.
7 The man is very hospitable; he keeps open house for his friends and fellow-workers.
8 The quartz watch keeps good time.
9 This uses only one lock and keeps others from interfering with the updates, but it does reduce concurrency of the data to other users.
10 Bleach keeps the white clothes from yellowing.
11 titles that Eikhenbaum keeps talking about -how Don Quixote was Made, how Gogol's Overcoat was Made - reflect the preoccupation of the Russian formalists with how literature is put together.
12 Applying a waxy lip balm to your eyebrows or upper eyelids will create a waterproof barrier that keeps your sweat (and sunscreen) from dripping into your eyes.
13 She keeps in during the bad weather.
14 These colorful fish have a layer of mucous that keeps the anemone from stinging it.
15 For rhubarb chutney, Pamela Westland's Food For Keeps recommends Onions, ginger and mixed spice, as well as currants and sultanas.
16 My cousin, Harry, keeps a large curiously-shaped bottle on permanent display in his study.
17 Instead of growing its algae in sunlit ponds it keeps them in the dark and feeds them with sugar.
18 That makes streams cool enough for trout and keeps the rivers flowing.
19 That keeps money circulating in the global economy and prevents its buildup in one or several parts of the globe.
20 The store keeps a large stock of goods for winter sale.
21 Cricket keeps an off-field umpire for boundary calls, and to ascertain whether batsmen are run out, and if catches are real.
22 Alcohol keeps your body from entering deep sleep, so even if you get the same hours of sleep, you won’t feel as rested.
23 In China, traffic keeps right.
24 Traffic in China keeps to the right.
25 She keeps after her boyfriend all day long and he can't bear it any more.
26 She keeps on and on and I'm really fed up with her.
27 He drives around in his red leisure activity vehicle, his Citroen Berlingo, and keeps an eye on his wife.
28 It helps keeps collagen — the supportive protein fibers that stop skin from sagging — strong and resilient.
29 Mint seems to relax the muscle that keeps the valve at the top of the stomach clamped down, increasing the odds of reflux.
30 The number keeps growing partly because in several states registration is for life and partly because registries are not confined to the sort of murderer who ensnared Megan Kanka.