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No. sentence
1 Even oranges don't eat the whole peel, but keep the pith, that white stringy stuff; it's packed with flavonoids.
2 Please keep my suitcase while I leave for a ticket.
3 His mother came to keep house for them.
4 Peaches, plums, pears, honeydews, cantaloupes, mangoes, bananas, and tomatoes (yes, they're a fruit) keep on ripening whether they're on the tree, in the store, or in your fruit bowl.
5 If you want to keep all of the data together then zip up all of the files into a new file with a new extension.
6 The problem won't keep till tomorrow.
7 Pram provided with a radio, including antenna and loudspeaker, to keep the baby quiet.
8 To get your weight down, you must keep off fattening foods.
9 Where do you keep your money?
10 She gathered the shawl about her shoulders to keep out the wind.
11 She walked quickly, and her decisiveness helped me to keep pace with her.
12 Keep the joy of loving God in your heart and share this joy with all you meet especially your family.
13 One of their effects is to keep HIV genes switched off.
14 Allow the charity to keep all the proceeds, while you benefit from the increased traffic.
15 approach has many advantages over the other two, allowing us to keep the expressiveness of the second approach and the same degree of static checking as in the first.
16 Al's strategy was to hit back briefly on Quayle's attacks and keep talking about our positive plans for America.
17 They tried to keep up the reputation of their firm.
18 trouble is that they don't keep the due diligence up-to-date, because they find that being vigilant and ambivalent about the people they trust is psychologically uncomfortable.
19 If business managers were to have confidence in the outcome, they would want to keep their specialists on their own teams, not surrender them to a centralized authority.
20 I would like that community to respect me enough to keep giving me new ideas rather than insist I subscribe to an orthodoxy.
21 But with the benefits ending next month, he fears that they will not keep up.
22 We must renovate our social life to keep abreast of The Times.
23 If you have numeric data, keep the level of precision appropriate.
24 Don't say, "This is just who I am (accept me for me), I just happen to be 'very controlling,' etc." If you do, you will keep on attracting below your potential.
25 If you feel the need to share this information with the world (and I know that you do), keep it as short as possible.
26 To pursue the lofty mission of peace, it is both worthwhile and honorable for us to keep working hard, sometimes even forgetting all about food and sleep.
27 Dehydrated fruits such as raisins, dates and dried cranberries keep well in plastic bags. Tuck a bag of raisins in your purse or bag for an easy snack.
28 Just as you might have a healthy snack to stop yourself getting hungry, exercise snacks can keep energy levels high.
29 The better you can Answer and keep Refining this, the more your photos will grab people, be they you, your friends and family, contest judges or photo and art buyers.
30 They have dumped their produce on to local markets, and in Kunming that is helping to keep prices down-though not elsewhere.