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No. sentence
1 We must maintain keen vigilance at all time.
2 touch and keen ear, she had spent decades chronicling the ambivalent desires of her self-absorbed cohort.
3 Penang was founded as a free port by the British in 1786. Occupying a position between India and East Asia, the island drew merchants and middlemen keen to make their fortunes.
4 tight timetable troubled him; but he was not a keen marathon runner for nothing.
5 My father wasnt too keen on the idea of being back in the rat race, but I assured him that this time it would be nothing like that.
6 This coffee is made from coffee beans eaten by rodent like animals called palm civets, who have such a keen sense of smell they're able to choose the best coffee berries to eat.
7 So we can stay tuned on that story, with a keen eye trained on the sometimes bizarre and always fascinating HP board of directors.
8 It also means that Brazil, keen to play a bigger role in the region, has championed a cause that it may prove unable to bring to a victorious conclusion.
9 And - as the gold bears are keen to point out - you can see ads for the purchase of gold all over TV.
10 Mary is very keen on etching.
11 Cynics suspect that the government remains keen on PFI not because of the efficiencies it allegedly offers but because it allows ministers to perform a useful accounting trick.
12 We're expecting over 40, 000 visitors a day to the New Zealand pavilion, and we're keen to show them the very best of our country.
13 Many colleges and universities have ploughed into enrolling students independently. Both students and parents are keen on shuttling between those famous universities for taking examinations.
14 We know they are keen to see sanctions lifted.
15 They are keen to avoid duplication between robots and their human handlers.
16 A I'm not so keen on the fighting, like judo and boxing.
17 Mr Kan himself is keen to improve strained relations with Japan’s once-oppressed neighbours, especially South Korea and China.
18 Wang Yung-ching keen to discover this, they will seize the opportunity to preempt the timber business, resulting in big profits.
19 On-loan Blackburn Rovers striker Roque Santa Cruz is keen to extend his stay at Ewood Park at the end of the season by making his move permanent.
20 In his pronouncements, Mr Fukuda showed a keen sense of how Japan needed to tackle the burdens of an ageing population and mountainous national debt.
21 The blind have a keen touch.
22 As well as the goals and projects which we love, most of us have a few commitments which we're not so keen on.
23 But Ms McGonigal sees instead a keen understanding of applied psychology and an expert ability to motivate people.
24 They should have a keen business sense and be adept in managing budgets, projects, and people.
25 Psychologists have talked about the importance of body language, physical appearance and clothing but they've not been so keen on what we actually talk about.
26 Train yourself to be a keen listener and observer.
27 What about the long tail of other firms keen to grow in China?
28 Will it be keen to add a bit of democracy into its alias as many others choose to do? Given this opportunity, will a new government choose something more fanciful?
29 But with many households unable to borrow, others keen to pay down debt and many businesses swimming in cash, lower interest rates are likely to have only a modest effect.
30 We know he was a keen observer because he was also an author.