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1 Users donated 772, 595 karmas to classroom projects at DonorsChoose.org, totaling $7, 725.95, according to Jonathan Evans, director of vendor relations at Donorschoose.org.
2 Once you've collected enough karmas you can donate them to a variety of causes.
3 As the youngest one gets more help from his parents than do all his elders, so please keep me in the realization and accompany me in the Holy Karmas.
4 CauseWorld users earn between five and 10 "karmas" for each store they check in at on the app, and can accumulate up to 10 karmas to give to a charity.
5 And if everyone was created equal, equally beautiful and intelligent, how can they act differently, how can they have different karmas?
6 Heck, I’d love to buy a big pile of virtual karmas and include them at our events for people to grab and distribute.
7 Wired: Which is exactly how many Karmas you're planning to build.
8 Ishwara is a special kind of Being, untouched by ignorance and the products of ignorance, not subject to karmas or samskaras or the results of action.
9 the three karmas is not a benefit of learning Buddhism, then what is it?
10 don't talk to me about karmas.
11 The principle of non-violence seeks to minimize karmas which limit the capabilities of the soul.
12 Rebirth would be in form of animals or other lower creatures if one performed bad karmas and in human form in a good family with joyous lifetime if the person was good in last birth.
13 In between the two births a human is also required to either face punishments for bad karmas in "naraka" or hell or enjoy for the good karmas in swarga or heaven for good deeds.
14 None of the five elements can harm or influence it. Hinduism through Garuda Purana also describes in detail various types of narkas or Hells where a person after death is punished for his bad karmas and dealt with accordingly.
15 Good karma brings good rewards and bad karmas lead to bad results.
16 They believe that the soul takes on a body form based on previous karmas or actions performed by that soul through eternity.
17 A common list of good karmas taught by the Buddha is the list of ten courses of action (kammapatha) as outlined in MN 41 Saleyyaka Sutta (and its Chinese parallel in SĀ 1042).
18 In schools that believe in rebirth, every living being's soul transmigrates (recycles) after death, carrying the seeds of Karmic impulses from life just completed, into another life and lifetime of karmas.
19 Karmas are attracted to the karmic field of a soul due to vibrations created by activities of mind, speech, and body as well as various mental dispositions.
20 Hence the karmas are the subtle matter surrounding the consciousness of a soul.
21 In agnya vichāya, one contemplates on seven facts – life and non-life, the inflow, bondage, stoppage and removal of karmas, and the final accomplishment of liberation.
22 He adds that all the ants had achieved their positions - high and low - because of their Karmas, alone.
23 Advaita Vedanta is based on śāstra ("scriptures"), yukti ("reason") and anubhava ("experiential knowledge"), and aided by karmas ("spiritual practices").
24 However, these qualities of a soul are subdued due to karmas of the soul.
25 A liberated soul thus becomes a god – liberated of miseries, cycles of rebirth, world, karmas and finally liberated of body as well.
26 If godliness is defined as the state of having freed one's soul from karmas and the attainment of enlightenment/Nirvana and a god as one who exists in such a state, then those who have achieved such a state can be termed gods/Tirthankara.
27 a self-regulating mechanism whereby the individual reaps the fruits of his own actions through the workings of the karmas.