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juvenile pranks in a sentence

1. Agassi describes more of his memorable experiences and juvenile pranks with Roddy in his book Open.

2. We can also date back to this time the first draft of his picaresque novel Vida del Buscón -apparently written as an exercise in courtly wit- and a few satirical pamphlets that made him famous among his fellow students and which he would later disown as juvenile pranks.

3. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a rare approval rating of 0% – meaning no favorable reviews whatsoever, out of 29 reviews – receiving an average rating of 2.27/10. The site's critical consensus reads: "Mean-spirited and hopelessly short on comic invention, Problem Child is a particularly unpleasant comedy, one that's loaded with manic scenery chewing and juvenile pranks".

4. When he was 15, Beausoleil was sent to Los Prietos Boys Camp for ten months for running away from home and a series of juvenile pranks.

5. His slow delivery (evoking a chronically drug-induced state) and daring stories about botched robberies and juvenile pranks entitled him to the alias, which is the Spanish word for methadone.

6. But soon his juvenile pranks became intolerable for the sage and he reacted violently.

7. Doug then executes a series of juvenile pranks culminating with stealing a large Christian Cross from Majestic's megachurch and destroying a sewer line.

8. He jokes that he became a cop in part to make up for these juvenile pranks.