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No. sentence
1 Although they pose no direct military threat, this attitude would tend to justify defense concerns and the development of weapons with which to confront them.
2 It's a neat, addictive little gadget, and after weeks of testing, I've started to use its readings to justify any and all crankiness.
3 The biggest problem with the above question is that you are looking for something to justify you.
4 When you interrogate it further you find a certain practice was never done anywhere but it's being used to justify something now.
5 It is an artificial construct created by man to justify his inactions and insouciance.
6 Why should we justify this kind of unhealthy development model?
7 Under English libel law, a plaintiff must prove only that material is defamatory; the defendant then has to justify it, usually on grounds of truth or fairness.
8 But privately some greens think that the supposedly independent committee has been leaned on by ministers to justify a decision they had already made.
9 OK. How do we justify this formula?
10 Another would have shut me up with a snub, but my father patiently heard me out and took pains to justify his view to me.
11 The same analysis showed that an investment in Intrusion Detection did not reduce enough losses to justify its cost.
12 He attempts to justify his conduct.
13 an academic subject to justify its existence, it must impart some useful understanding to its students.
14 can be hard to justify taking time for such an exercise when there seem to be far more important things to work on, but this is the only way you can break free - so just trust me and do it.
15 Your being the victim doesn't justify your vengeance.
16 And the scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the heathen through faith, preached before the Gospel unto Abraham, saying, in thee shall all nations be blessed.
17 Most important, these policy improvements justify the expectation that they will return to relatively high growth rates, once the global economy recovers from the current slowdown.
18 facts are misrepresented to justify the s + s strategy of Microsoft.
19 If you can show how pervasive it is, you reinforce and justify the Foucauldian idea that power is, as I've said, an insidious and ubiquitous mode of circulating knowledge.
20 Tabloid newspapers such as the Sun and the Daily Mail hound judges who pass, or even seek to justify, lenient sentences.
21 So there is no succinct way to explain and justify its official definition.
22 If you are still programming with PHP V4, I hope you found enough new features to justify migrating to V5 and its core object-oriented features.
23 We can strive for consistency and strive to justify our design decisions, and each person can train his own intuition.
24 Preying on the weak to justify your own greed, preying on the weak to promote your own success, preying on the weak to cover up your own mistake is sad, disgusting and shameful.
25 And we've used the increase in taxable revenue, local employment and even training as reasons to justify our actions and our interests.
26 They started later in the construction phase, because we needed a sufficient number of subsystems to justify the integration effort.
27 Mr Obama, pointing to competition from China, invokes a new “Sputnik moment” to justify bigger public investment in technology and infrastructure.
28 No need to justify your shortcomings or wrong actions, simply own up to your mistakes and recognize that you need help in changing them.
29 If we could wave away political reality, I'd let all the Bush tax cuts expire, and use the improvement in the budget outlook to justify a large, temporary increase in public spending.
30 I'm trying to justify it to myself by vowing it will be our last splurge.