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No. sentence
1 The jury brought in its verdict.
2 For now, the jury is still out on whether the Alpha Centauri system has smaller, Earth-like worlds in life-friendly regions, but Fischer expects answers shortly.
3 Lord Lester also wants most libel cases to be heard by a judge, not a jury.
4 The jury, an ancient institution, disagreed with the latter.
5 We are not judge and jury.
6 The jury did not see all that the government hoped to offer and did not hear from a number of star characters in the case.
7 And surveys of American judges who preside over trials indicate their overwhelming and enthusiastic support for the jury system.
8 The jury found him innocent.
9 The concern will be frankly whether she and the other forces for change continue down the path of reform. The jury is out on that.
10 The award for the oratorical contest was made by a jury of nine professors.
11 The jury was told they had a "straightforward choice" of clearing him of murder or finding him not guilty by reason of insanity.
12 I had been a spectator, and then suddenly a participant, a player, and member of the jury.
13 Moreover, the probability of a correct decision increases with the size of the jury.
14 A Florida jury acquitted seven former boot camp guards and a nurse charged with manslaughter in the death of a 14-year-old boy roughed up in a videotaped altercation.
15 I think if that wasn't out there, then all the jury would have seen are all these terrible pictures where he took a machete and hacked at his wife," she says.
16 It ended with a hung jury, in large part due to the star alibi witness, a manager at the zoo who said she was having drinks with Mr Hankton at a hotel when the murder occurred.
17 The joy of the necessity defence, however, and the joy of a jury, is that we know better.
18 The jury acquitted him of all charges.
19 The grand jury presented many offenses.
20 Prosecution and defense lawyers are scouring the site for personal details about members of the jury pool that could signal which side they might sympathize with during a trial.
21 The jury returned a verdict of not guilty.
22 he takes on a case that pits an innocent black man against two dishonest white people, Atticus knows he will face terrible prejudice from the jury.
23 verdict of the jury was given in his favour.
24 I also had serious doubts about the jury verdict.
25 He sat throughout the trial wearing a white shirt and spectacles, and remained expressionless most of the time, including the moment when the jury foreman read out the guilty verdict.
26 jury is still out, though fossil charcoal shows that forest fires were common at the time.
27 at least for Americans under a certain age, the post delivers only bad news or nuisances, from jury summonses to junk mail.
28 For those like my client in this case, who have the courage to accept the extraordinary risks that a criminal jury trial entails, the system can and does work, and work well.
29 The jury seemed to zero in on the science, asking to reread all the testimony about the neuroscience during 10 hours of deliberation.
30 Six current and former police officers in New Orleans were charged by a federal grand jury in connection with the Danziger Bridge shootings in an investigation led by the Justice Department.