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1 reason is that though individual jurisdictions often prevent a specific libel, privacy breach or copyright infringement, a story with a global reach will get out somewhere.
2 Offshore jurisdictions also provide the tax and regulatory competition that keeps grasping governments and officials in check.
3 These shared areas, which exist outside exclusive national jurisdictions, are the connective tissue around our globe upon which all nations’ security and prosperity depend.
4 In any case, since a few jurisdictions use ranked preference voting, this ballot XML format needs to accommodate it.
5 The state offers, for example, to pay the cost of patenting inventions in foreign jurisdictions and of hiring lawyers to defend those patents.
6 I know of a couple of other judges who have employed this," he said. "I think it probably works best in the smaller jurisdictions like ours."
7 These local taxes were the main revenue source for school districts, cities, counties and California’s many specialised municipal jurisdictions.
8 There must be some jurisdictions that could stand to gain a lot as tourist and business travel destinations by reducing their travel tax burden.
9 Some business is being switched from London to lower-tax jurisdictions such as Ireland and the Caribbean.
10 Many jurisdictions treat rape exams confidentially, but some will require that a parent or guardian be notified.
11 with certain other migrating species, the challenge is complicated further-by vastly greater distances traversed, more jurisdictions, more borders, more dangers along the way.
12 In some European jurisdictions, selling both audit and (say) consulting to a client is still permissible.
13 we can say is that we operate a number of servers across multiple international jurisdictions and we we do not keep logs.
14 This means that we often need to cooperate with several jurisdictions during our respective investigations to address complex international transactions and conduct.
15 It aimed to get jurisdictions to collect better information and to share it with foreign tax authorities when necessary.
16 Mutilation, like the severing of an ear or hand, was occasionally used as a punishment against those who'd committed serious crimes, especially in larger jurisdictions like London.
17 A crude way of trying to settle which camp is correct is to compare murder rates in jurisdictions with and without capital punishment.
18 most other Western countries, divorce courts have given up attributing blame. Even domestic violence is often ignored, though it still counts heavily in some jurisdictions, such as Florida.
19 In the case of a multinational selling enterprise, such geographies are determined by national boundaries, state or provincial jurisdictions, or marketing and sales territories.
20 Authorities in other cities around the world are also taking action to dismantle anti-capitalist sites that have sprung up in their jurisdictions, including in London outside st Paul's Cathedral.
21 There are clashing international jurisdictions too.
22 Most other European jurisdictions (and Scotland) take a flintier view: maintenance payments are scanty; only assets accumulated during the marriage are up for grabs.
23 A national standard could make it easier for car companies to supply different jurisdictions.
24 Courts in more than half a dozen jurisdictions will be pressed to sort out billions of dollars in claims.
25 Some jurisdictions have established this tort to provide a rimedy for malicious deeds.
26 The focus was on electronically validating Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 201 interoperable credentials issued from multiple jurisdictions.
27 Making wily choices about possible jurisdictions is often criticised as "forum shopping".
28 But the variations between jurisdictions remain striking.
29 The leverage ratio could now be exported to other jurisdictions too.
30 Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of implied warranties, so the above exclusion may not apply to you.