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No. sentence
1 This is a matter that comes within the jurisdiction of the autonomous region.
2 These islands have always been under Chinese jurisdiction. This is known to all.
3 Zhaotong City, a jurisdiction in 10 counties, due to the golden sand river, Kraal Jiang rivers such as the vertical and horizontal cutting, stand in cliffs, deep-Qing, climate and diverse.
4 Yunnan Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Mengzi city green grass Nanba village, under the jurisdiction of 4 villagers group, a total of 306 households of 1037 people.
5 This case comes under the jurisdiction of a lower court.
6 can easily jump from one jurisdiction to another, whereas the authorities from different countries have yet to learn how to co-operate.
7 Tony stops them on the way out, and Jack tells him they are on their way to an official jurisdiction meeting.
8 The Grand Gulf arrangement was eventually upheld by the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, which had jurisdiction over cases involving federal regulatory agencies.
9 Perhaps those owners applied for permits from the Army Corps of Engineers, which shares jurisdiction with the E.P.A. in such matters.
10 So it is understandable that a disillusioned spouse, and his or her lawyer, will try hard to get the most favourable jurisdiction.
11 sort of proportionality test seems likely, whereby English courts can assert jurisdiction only if a significant share of sales (10% is one figure being bandied about) are in England.
12 Their bishop has warned them that they have no right to transfer church assets to another jurisdiction; he also said that the dissenters' pastoral licences may be cancelled.
13 When the GLs are exceeded, national governments must decide whether and under what circumstances the food should be allowed to be distributed within their territory or jurisdiction.
14 However, such selection can not violate the stipulations of grade jurisdiction and exclusive jurisdiction in any case.
15 His opponents say jurisdiction is a matter for judges; they note also that the special court would have needed parliamentary approval to proceed.
16 Dear Sir. With regard to your letter regarding the Walls of Jericho, we are obliged to inform you that this matter does not come within our jurisdiction.
17 though, the United States unilaterally claimed jurisdiction over the natural resources of its continental shelf.
18 It hardly falls within the area under the police station's jurisdiction.
19 The idea that any country may take action against pirates is the precursor to the idea of “universal jurisdiction” used to prosecute heinous crimes such as genocide.
20 tax court has jurisdiction over questions of law and fact arising under the tax laws.
21 The Philippines cannot take possession of the territory of others within 200 miles by using maritime jurisdiction.
22 breadth, and documentation vary depending on the pathogen involved, the type of food, the number of persons who may be sick, the local jurisdiction, and other factors.
23 If no competent international tribunal can be found, a country unconnected with the case may decide to bring a prosecution in its national courts under the principle of "universal jurisdiction".
24 But after holding the suspects for nearly a week, the Danes concluded that they did not have jurisdiction to prosecute, so they dumped the pirates on a beach, minus their guns.
25 What legal obligations do aggregators of FOAF information have under the data-protection law in the jurisdiction under which they operate?
26 Any foreign company's oil and gas exploration activity in the waters under China's jurisdiction without China's permission is illegal and invalid.
27 Because there is no international court with the jurisdiction to try pirates, they are prosecuted in the domestic courts of whatever nation seizes them.
28 An internal private cloud allows you to store and get data from known locations in a specific jurisdiction (like the United States or Canada).
29 You may designate the jurisdiction of your license.
30 When the richer party has assets in that jurisdiction, a fair fight is possible.