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juries in a sentence

91. Two trials at the time both resulted in hung juries.

92. There was also a system of investigative "juries".

93. The Sixth Amendment requires juries to be impartial.

94. In Anglo-Saxon England, juries investigated crimes.

95. However less than 1% of civil trials involve juries.

96. Unable to vote, they were also excluded from juries.

97. In September, grand juries indicted 18 more people.

98. In major towns, it established courts with juries.

99. it has since been repealed by the Juries Act 1974.

100. In each case the juries were only out five minutes.

101. In some regions, blacks could not serve on juries.

102. Three European juries were implemented in the final.

103. Juries found in favor of Austal USA in April 2015.

104. His competence is often highly esteemed in juries.

105. Before special juries he was much more successful;

106. Catholics and Irish were excluded from local juries.

107. The votes of 6 regional juries decided the winner.

108. And regional juries were re-placed by televoting.

109. Grand juries were sworn in at Easter and Michaelmas.

110. There are no juries and death penalty in Costa Rica.

111. This list covers the juries for the "Feature films".

112. eight with the juries, and second with the public.

113. sixth with the juries and eighth with the public.

114. Michigan later eliminated one-person grand juries.

115. The juries in this court consisted of equestrians.

116. Both songs received a warm welcome by the juries.

117. In 2017 and 2018 Monaco serve on Clio Music juries.

118. Ten juries investigated over a period of some weeks.

119. She also spoke in favor of women serving on juries.

120. Such arguments have proved persuasive with juries.