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1 Juries tended to find fault with the compensations companies promised.
2 Moreover, judges have the discretion to preclude use of juries in cases they deem inappropriate, and defendants can choose to be tried by judges alone.
3 Firms often pay off disgruntled accusers rather than go to court, since juries are unpredictable, damages can be steep and the publicity of a trial is always unwelcome.
4 study in Delaware of how juries deal with evidence, one juror tangling with a complex DNA case complained that these kinds of problems did not happen on CSI.
5 He said the moral standard of the people of this country was low; that they had no real belief in the sacredness of life; so that they were unfit to serve on juries.
6 In othercases, however, juries may not arrive at the truth because prosecutors do notshare favorable evidence about the defendant with them.
7 In my work with mock juries, we found that attorneys, or for that matter witnesses, that hide their hands are perceived as less open and less honest by the jurors.
8 A number of states have managed to institute some kind of so-called tort reform, limiting the size of damage awards by juries in medical-malpractice cases.
9 Juries are renowned, after all, for what lawyers must see as infuriating unpredictability.
10 Opponents of capital punishment tend to respond by saying that juries, being human, err.
11 Juries nearly always render verdicts with which I agree.
12 In schools, for instance, pupils should be able to see teachers' faces, as should judges and juries in court.
13 Widely reported exonerations have alerted the public to the uncomfortable fact that juries are sometimes biased, that the police sometimes lie and that snitches often do.
14 He has voted to strike down literally thousands of harsher criminal sentences because they were based on facts found by judges rather than juries, as required by the Bill of Rights.
15 Britain, the supposed mother of trial by jury, is seeking to scrap them for serious fraud and to ban juries from some inquests.
16 Mr Durnal, prosecutors in the United States are now spending much more time explaining to juries why certain kinds of evidence are not relevant.
17 In recent years, the Supreme Court has repeatedly found new ways to insulate corporate wrongdoers from paying large punitive-damages awards imposed by juries.
18 But, equally unsurprisingly, juries are sometimes willing to go along with it.
19 Such arguments have proved persuasive with juries.
20 In America, firms often settle intellectual-property cases out of court for fear of enormous awards by juries.
21 This year's juries were chaired by producers and AFI board of trustees vice chairs Tom Pollock (for film) and Richard Frank (for TV).
22 In principle, juries deliberate independently, without judicial intervention, and their verdicts must be unanimous.
23 If juries and lawyers believe that a suspect 'should have' noticed some event, they will tend to see claims of ignorance as deliberate attempts to deceive," Simons and Chabris wrote.
24 So no wonder it can sometimes be so “devilishly difficult for forensicanalysts or psychiatrists, as well as juries, to get at the truth, ” said Owens.
25 There is no carjacking crisis in the state. And juries have never been sticklers about the duty to retreat.
26 The production of short easy-read novelettes, he says, has been encouraged by discredited literary prizes, whose juries seldom rotate.
27 Where are the juries come from?Does FWA have a regular jury team?
28 in 10 cases judges overturned sentences of life imprisonment without parole (LWOP) that were voted unanimously by juries.
29 At various times, he owned farms, livestock and town lots, paid taxes, sat on juries, appraised estates, and served on county patrols.
30 The juries consisted of over 1,500 artists, scholars, critics, and historians.