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1 These studies were published in scientific and professional journals, and were adopted by practitioners in several organizations as applied tools for safety management.
2 Usually we write in journals, but I allow them to their writing in this book.
3 library with a bundled subscription deal cannot make ends meet by dropping a few journals, as it could in the old days.
4 Academic journals tend to be the primary source of news for science reporters because that is where researchers usually publish their findings.
5 If you use a more aggregated level to enter historical rates the matching against journals will go wrong and converted values will be miscalculated.
6 Last week, we discussed one problem for medical journals: the question of authorship.
7 But when I started to read the journals that I'd written in my hammock each night, I realised that I'd been pretty miserable for large parts of the journey.
8 I leafed through some science journals.
9 Until 1985, I had published only technical books and technical articles in professional journals.
10 The audience for academic journals and collections of philosophical essays is limited, however, and so the essay tended to be passed along, samizdat style, from one aficionado to another.
11 That was undoubtedly the flaw of the Wall Street Journal's projections at the start of the Games, which relied on statistical probabilities rather than simply predictions for gold, silver and bronze.
12 Another blog, the Pump Handle, describes itself as "a water cooler for the public health crowd", while the Wall Street Journal's health blog has a business focus.
13 He now admits to copying or making up material he submitted in eight papers to international journals and has been fired, along with the head of his research institute.
14 You do this by reading trade journals, attending conferences, and talking to key people in your industry.
15 If you use journals the historical rates have to be entered at journal number level.
16 reminded again that we need to be skeptical of what we read in psychology journals.
17 In 2000, this assertion was challenged by papers published in the journals Child Development and Developmental Psychology.
18 People who keep "gratitude journals," recording five things for which they're grateful every week, feel more optimism and greater satisfaction with their lives.
19 You put it among these journals.
20 But I have continued to keep up with the Industry through conferences and professional journals.
21 would be much better if you could access the journals as a group, rather than ferreting around for each individual feed.
22 They aim to provide detailed editorial feedback in accordance with the standards of journals such as Nature and Science - where many of them have been published.
23 He divides the annual subscription price of a journal by the number of times its articles are cited in other journals.
24 This includes access to the online book shop, news, subscription information, and information about major publications and journals.
25 Unlike most journals though, this is one to share with your partner!
26 In a review study published in 2007 in the journal Ibis, researchers looked through European and North American bird journals and other references dating back to the late 19th century.
27 The findings are drawn from company databases that include data on articles from some 10,500 journals published worldwide.
28 Many employers will pay for subscriptions to such journals.
29 would also cut into subsidies that some journals provide for educational training and professional meetings, they say.
30 Read trade journals for themes and topics that are of particular interest to studios.