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No. sentence
1 In spite of different opinions, we must stay together and jointly oppose the enemy.
2 Alliance members can increase their passenger traffic by selling seats on one another's planes and by jointly offering frequent-flier miles to travelers flying with any carriers in the group.
3 We must work jointly to sow the seeds of China-Japan friendship and make our friendship last from generation to generation.
4 They have put forward bold plans, such as Eurobonds issued jointly by the entire euro zone, combined with a leap in fiscal integration.
5 If they should be around the table, invite them and, jointly, determine the best way forward, whether your connection with them is formal or informal.
6 It will host the European football championships in 2012, jointly with Ukraine.
7 Zoolander was the first film that the real-life couple made together: they went on to appear jointly in Dodgeball and Tropic Thunder.
8 And if the words aural and oral are often confused, they should be, for our ears and our mouths jointly gave us our voice.
9 one idea was notably absent: jointly guaranteed "Eurobonds", which a number of politicians and analysts say are the only way to dig the euro out of its hole.
10 The course we are jointly pursuing is not a blunt assault, but a diversified multi-pronged approach.
11 fire control software, jointly developed by Raytheon and THAAD prime contractor Lockheed Martin, also performed successfully, engaging the target complex and initializing the launch sequence.
12 It is jointly owned by UCLES, the British Council and IDP Education Australia. It is an English language proficiency test available world-wide.
13 Jointly select an investment opportunity of interest to both of you.
14 It would be a much better experience if the user and customer service rep could jointly browse and interact with the new claim creation form.
15 Business areas request and provide services, and the interactions between them are governed separately, or jointly, in the intermediary area.
16 We look forward to preparing, jointly with the Government, a new Partnership Agreement for Russia for 2006-2008.
17 It is also important to consider how "collections" of artifacts jointly transition their lifecycles in some coordinated fashion.
18 Third, cooperation in combating the "three forces" should be deepened within bilateral and SCO frameworks to jointly safeguard regional security and stability.
19 We accomplished the goal of enabling all team members to jointly develop and share code.
20 There have been small signs of progress in recent years, including agreements to jointly monitor glaciers and study the interaction between the atmosphere and the ocean.
21 We should jointly increase the strategic input in our bilateral relations and have closer communication and cooperation at the bilateral, regional and global levels.
22 Rule sets contain lists of rules that jointly evaluate some set of inputs and produce one or more results.
23 Governance rules and change control processes for the data architecture, managed jointly by it and appropriate business representatives.
24 As a responsible country, China maintains that the international community should work together to jointly address climate change through effective international cooperation.
25 Officials have been appointed to this body, but they have done nothing much jointly; no important intelligence has been shared.
26 He suggests that managers and their employees be held jointly accountable for their results (and their quality).
27 Picture a serpentine tangle of a thousand snakes, piled together cozily, calm and sleek in their subterranean nook, jointly awaiting the signals of spring.
28 For instance, a few days ago, WHO and five UN partners pledged to jointly build a future of gender equality and social justice for adolescent girls.
29 It was built around 1598 in London using timber from an earlier theater and was jointly owned by members of the theatrical company to which Shakespeare belonged.
30 A group of new Jersey newspapers jointly produces features and editorials.