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jointed in a sentence

1. The blocks are very carefully cut and jointed;

2. The stem is jointed at each leaf.

3. He says: "I’m not double-jointed at all.

4. the result is finger-jointed lumber.

5. Bleuette has a fully jointed composition body.

6. Red Rhyolite. Columnars jointed basalt.

7. The mouthpiece may be jointed or straight.

8. tarsus one jointed;

9. Jointed goatgrass may refer to:

10. All four of his limbs are double-jointed.

11. The two-jointed antennae are short.

12. This is massive but columnar jointed.

13. Parts of the scales on the bulb may be jointed.

14. Jerome is double-jointed and ambidextrous.

15. Adult: maxillary palps 2-, 3-, or 4-jointed.

16. The Stem is jointed.

17. the wings were pin-jointed to them.

18. Other walls are lined in v-jointed boards.

19. and v-jointed, timber board ceilings.

20. The antennae are 11-jointed.

21. The tarsi are slender and 3-jointed.

22. The approach spans are pin jointed.

23. The place was jointed;

24. Ceilings are early v-jointed boards.

25. Surrounding the calyx are five jointed limbs.

26. The flat ceilings are v-jointed, timber boards.

27. Curiously, the natural bed is not jointed;

28. tarsi three-jointed;

29. They are not jointed at the base.

30. It's jointed and it comes out.