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No. sentence
1 Gray worked for him in the early months of his campaign for some time, then became disillusioned, freaked out and joined another party.
2 Soon the whole crowd joined in to sing the song.
3 I joined all the social networks but there is nothing there!
4 two firms were joined up to reduce competition.
5 To explore that idea further, Dr Bourrat joined forces with Quentin Atkinson of the University of Auckland.
6 the club folded after the 1999 season, Tsai joined the Brother Elephants.
7 us joined lustily in the chorus.
8 Every young man in the village joined the battle.
9 She graciously welcomed me into her humble apartment, where her sleek editor joined us for the interview.
10 But why should they become a major banker to an institution that they have only recently joined and that is clearly tilted in its governance and its culture toward the Western capitalist system?
11 was joined on the stage after her speech by her two little girls, who spoke to their father via a remote video link and charmed many in the audience.
12 and of the Orion spacecraft are joined using friction stir welding at NASA's Michoud Assembly Facility.
13 For each column in the partitioning key of the joined tables, an equijoin predicate must exist.
14 The term refers to the habit we all have of thinking — consciously or not — that once something has had contact with another thing, their parts are in some way joined.
15 But what happens if you have clambered up a few rungs, joined the new middle class and now face the prospect of slipping back into poverty?
16 Some men kneeled down, made scoops of their two hands joined, and sipped, or tried to help women, who bent over their shoulders to sip, before the wine had all run out between their fingers.
17 The Marine had grabbed the collar of the third in one fist and was threatening to "throw [him] into the goddamned canal" unless his compatriots joined him and fast.
18 A herd of bighorn sheep joined us for breakfast. Bald and golden eagles glared at us from their perches as American dippers flitted from rock to rock.
19 During the Enlightenment Jews joined their fellow Europeans in the process of modernisation and secularization, hoping they would, at last, be accepted by European society.
20 But the company adopted few of his recommendations and joined the industry's resistance.
21 Miles was joined by Bill Evans and John Coltrane; Jobs was joined by Jonathan Ive and Tim Cook.
22 I joined the campus cast of Godspell. I love musicals, and I met my best friend, Hilary, in the show.
23 Since the start of the euro in 1999 Portugal has been on average the slowest growing economy in the club, despite being its poorest member when it joined.
24 The most striking eyes among the reptiles have lower and upper eyelids joined together, leaving one large hole for the pupil to see through.
25 Unlike some of its EU partners, Spain lifted restrictions on workers from Bulgaria and Romania in 2009, two years after the pair joined the EU.
26 Since then, robots have joined the fight.
27 One humid dawn last August, I joined Mr Chen and his Zhoushan warden aboard a decrepit craft that served well enough as a safe patrol vessel-so long, I thought, as the sea remained flat.
28 From one of the nodes, verify that both nodes have joined the cluster.
29 They did, and so he joined the team.
30 I had not yet joined the throng of travellers on the path of Life, but was a mere spectator from my roadside window.