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No. sentence
1 Maybe you prefer sponges to forks, but do you really feel so strongly about it that you need to join sponges RULE - forks DONT!?
2 Tripoli residents spent Monday jubilant yet fearful, asking for weapons to join rebels in their cat-and-mouse war with loyalists who have besieged the city with snipers and drive-by shootings.
3 MAY last year, when the Americans first offered to join direct talks with Iran over the future of its nuclear programme, French diplomats were jubilant.
4 A leader inspires others to join him in his quest for success.
5 Billed as an "invitation to join the government of Britain", the manifesto glosses over how the guests will pay for cutting the deficit.
6 These two rivers join together in Chuxiong Shuangbai, Yuxi Xinping county where the water rising up quickly, we call them Gasa river and Mosha river.
7 They motioned to me to join them.
8 amazement, the two wanderers stopped and watched the dance. The old man motioned to them that they too should join in, and the little people voluntarily opened their circle.
9 If you join the club, you have to abide by its rules.
10 Now, though, if I had no job I would have to join them and fight alongside these men.
11 It was a great invention because it enabled talents from across the society to join the ruling class regardless of their family backgrounds.
12 Head coach Lang Ping Wednesday signed a handful of aces in Guangzhou to join the Guangdong Hengda Women's Volleyball Team. The star lineup includes Feng Kun, Zhou Suhong and Yang Hao.
13 Join a polar bear club or sing along with a busker in the streets and see what happens.
14 Later as they both sat on stools Robin thanked Tuck for the exciting stimulus of the fight and asked Tuck straightforward to join him in his fight against the evil Prince John.
15 Your application to join the club was honoured.
16 As we join here tonight with our own families, we remember not only those family members who were lost, but those who survived and will forever endure the pain of that day.
17 Firms that can harness powerful network effects, in which users encourage friends and family members to join them on a particular service, may be best placed to fight off the clones.
18 Not only my legions, but all legions of light will join you.
19 they're in some fairy world and you're trying to join them?
20 the first time in my memory, the majority of the American people join me in believing that, on our current course, our children will not do as well as we have.
21 This is an open process with an open mailing list, and any OASIS member can join formally.
22 So I hurried to join them.
23 A country must want to join, it must be given strict conditions for reforms, it must settle disputes within and on its borders and it must see the promise of membership as genuine.
24 If someone wants to join your conversation then make it easy for them.
25 If you cannot attend, you can still join in the conversation.
26 You may not want to join the conversation - but at least you are aware of the conversations.
27 Hillary flew in to join us from Israel, where she had gone to attend the funeral of Leah Rabin.
28 The resolution invited Texas to join the Union as a state. It gave Texas the right to split itself into as many as four more states when its population was large enough.
29 The church clock struck, when suddenly the student said that he must leave - he had been forgetting himself - he had to join his companions.
30 The paths then join up, and process the request.