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No. sentence
1 The job entails bringing in layers of soil and sand, then compacting it with heavy machines.
2 They fixed me up with this job.
3 He listened to what I had to say without much comment, then changed the subject to how I did the job.
4 Be conscientious and make a good job of publishing.
5 months ago, Mariana informed us she planned to quit her publishing job so that she could move to Asheville, N.C., where she will share a room with a friend.
6 He liked his job at large and worked hard.
7 She did not get the job because she just did not measure up.
8 If you want to get that job, you should posh yourself up a bit.
9 I get every Sunday off, so the job is satisfied.
10 Before the bubble fully burst, Peck found another job as the marketing manager at a small software-development company called SDSol Technologies.
11 The bundle provides complete flexibility for individual practitioners, who can install and use whatever tool (s) they need to do their job.
12 I meet this girl at my job.
13 He said resources should be switched away from these highly expensive studies, which in his view have now done their job.
14 More and more often today, we also see situations where the individual loses her job, but her old corporate responsibility, and the projects she was working on, dont go away.
15 He overworked himself on that new job.
16 Now she has a job in France she can gratify her wish to see Europe.
17 The AVOs thanked me for the support I provided that helped them do their job better.
18 I am comfortable giving people direction. If something is not good enough, my job is to find a way to help them learn from their mistake, and understand that next time I expect better.
19 When you talk more your potential employer can better understand what you're thinking and if you're giving the right answers to his questions, he might give you the job as well.
20 I've put you forward as the best man for the job.
21 This is not because you feel he (or she?) deserves a break - it isn't your job to play social engineer.
22 In conclusion, Indians can make wonderful, inexpensive employees provided you put them to the job they will do best in.
23 He says that after more than 34 years on the bench he still loves the “wonderful job”.
24 outstation of Beijing is the Marketing Department, the main job of it is saling and service.
25 Instead of seeing my job as being an on-off task, I gave it more depth.
26 genomics, bioinformatics and many other newer disciplines reveal about life, the more obvious it becomes that our present understanding is not up to the job.
27 Let us begin by examining the search flow of the job portal introduced above.
28 I accept this responsibility as part of my job.
29 He mentions an employee, who has a good office job at the resort but still yearns to work at the local paper mill, like his father and grandfather.
30 Indeed, Mr Huntsman usually mentions Mr Obama only to explain that when the President offered him the job of ambassador to China, he accepted out of a sense of duty.