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jet service in a sentence

1. Baltimore's reach expanded when jet service started.

2. It has regular jet service provided by Alaska Airlines.

3. Jet service is available.

4. The company recommended using Lufthansa Private Jet Service instead.

5. Tyrolean Jet Service Nfg.

6. and the passenger jet service pioneering Comet.

7. In 1988, Carnival Airlines and ATA began passenger jet service.

8. Oxnard never received scheduled jet service;

9. this was the airport's first jet service.

10. That same year, Delta ended its mainline jet service to Atlanta.

11. In 1968 Eastern began the first scheduled jet service from Pensacola.

12. Jet service at the airport began in 1965.

13. JAL introduced jet service on the Fukuoka-Tokyo route in 1961.

14. United ceased mainline jet service to SBA in 1990.

15. TWA began jet service on the New York-London-Frankfurt route in 1959.

16. Ozark began operating Douglas DC-9-10 jet service in 1966.

17. In addition, private jet service was also part of agency services.

18. however, this jet service ended as a result of deregulation.

19. Jet service appeared in 1968;

20. The airport has scheduled passenger jet service on two airlines.

21. With the introduction of jet service by Aerodynamics, Inc.

22. Adak currently has scheduled jet service provided by Alaska Airlines.

23. EPA began jet service using Boeing 737-200 aircraft in July 1969.

24. The airport's first jet service arrived during the early 1960s.

25. This was only jet service operated into Tortola at that time.

26. Destinations in bold received jet service.

27. Jet service commenced in 1978 using Boeing 737s.

28. Earthjet is a business jet service.

29. In 1985, the airline initiated Boeing 737-300 jet service.

30. The service is the first jet service to the Telluride airport.