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No. sentence
1 Instead, she acted magnanimously like a goddess of beauty who understands and forgives her followers' jealousy.
2 He smiled, pleased by the woman's jealousy.
3 He flung himself into the nearest seat, and on my approaching hurriedly to ascertain if she had fainted, he gnashed at me, and foamed like a mad dog, and gathered her to him with greedy jealousy.
4 Driven by jealousy she killed her friend.
5 Then the queen was terrified, and turned green and yellow with jealousy.
6 Your remark excited him to jealousy.
7 For example, the questions were designed to find out what level of jealousy resulted in hypothetical situations, such as if their best friend went shopping with someone else.
8 If we follow this path of jealousy we will definitely lose our sense of self respect.
9 Its growth has also created extraordinary windfalls for some, and aroused more than a whiff of jealousy among others.
10 He appears in human form and presents human choices, and his greatest lure is what we have in common with him: our greed, ego, jealousy, competitiveness, lust, dishonesty.
11 This is not a matter of theme: I can well imagine a film about nothing more than love and jealousy, yet where this freedom would not be lacking.
12 And so in the red, glowing shoes she continued to dance till she fell dead on the floor, a sad example of envy and jealousy.
13 the acrimony, the passion, the jealousy, the bitterness, and the boozing, they continued seeing each other.
14 Abnormal jealousy is often described by any one of a number of adjectives, including morbid, psychotic, pathological, delusional or anxious jealousy.
15 We both went out with other people and there was never any jealousy, although I found it hard to be physically intimate with anyone else.
16 People can be motivated by many things when they set goals -- peer pressure; guilt, greed, materialism, revenge, pride, envy, or jealousy.
17 It has its source in envy [jealousy].
18 She has nothing that deserves my jealousy.
19 The negative aspects of jealousy are obvious, but can it ever yield positive results?
20 They watch the next hot startup with jealousy and it reminds them of when they were that "shiny new thing" and they want that back.
21 endlessly in my thought of your kisses, your tears, and your delicious jealousy.
22 I was in love; the feeling was jealousy.
23 Where there are women, there are jealousy and suspicion.
24 Dark green is associated with ambition, greed, and jealousy.
25 You can avoid a great deal of jealousy if you compare your progress only with your own past performance rather than with the performance of others.
26 One is Unhappiness. It is fear, worry, anger, jealousy, sorrow, self pity, resentment, and inferiority.
27 In short, when jealousy is kept in the bounds of normal behavior it can be a good thing.
28 When you have worked hard to compete for a project and then someone else is awarded the work that you competed for, it is completely normal to feel a small twinge of jealousy.
29 Jealousy is more common with partners from Turkey, Portugal, Poland, Spain and Greece.
30 be otherwise when so many people on the streets of Cairo or Karachi seem to view the Western world with a confusing mix of awe, jealousy, admiration and resentment.