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jaws in a sentence

1. The jaws have conical teeth.

2. the jaws are the limbs;

3. Jaws. Jaws, wide open.

4. jaws, often with teeth;

5. Jaws or Jaw may refer to:

6. "The Jaws of Hell."

7. The jaws are toothless.

8. Early fish had no jaws.

9. Jaws 3-D with Dennis Quaid;

10. the jaws become locked.

11. Titled "Jaws III."

12. Its jaws were strong;

13. A LOT of jaws hit the floor.

14. (Jaws surf break).

15. Jaws. Central lower teeth.

16. John Williams: Jaws theme.

17. Cysts of the jaws.

18. Call the book Jaws.

19. The jaws protrude equally.

20. The jaws are very elongated;

21. The jaws were toothless.

22. The real killer was Jaws.

23. Jaws are grayish yellow;

24. The jaws are subobsolete.

25. Jaws are absent.

26. The jaws are sub-equal.

27. Jaws are vermillion, too.

28. The jaws are toothless.

29. and "antlers.jaws.skin."

30. Palps and jaws are yellow.