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japonicus in a sentence

1. The Japanese sea lion (Zalophus japonicus;

2. In Hong Kong, Petrolisthes japonicus is common.

3. Lathyrus japonicus is a perennial plant.

4. Bufo japonicus, Kawahara Keiga.

5. M. japonicus is an autumn kigo used in haiku.

6. They coined the binomial name Zosterops japonicus.

7. They were placed in Z. japonicus Temminck &

8. Vanderhoofius coalingensis), and D. japonicus.

9. Desmostylus japonicus was described by Yoshiwara &

10. and Petasites japonicus (Siebold &

11. Humulus japonicus (syn.

12. Cellvibrio japonicus is a Gram-negative soil bacterium.

13. L. japonicus has determinate nodules.

14. Japanese laurel (Euonymus japonicus);

15. The larvae feed on Styrax japonicus.

16. The larvae feed on Euonymus japonicus.

17. H. japonicus may refer to:

18. M. japonicus remains the only species in the genus.

19. Oplopanax japonicus is a hardy frost resistant shrub.

20. Nosuri (Buteo japonicus) also stayed in the Palace.

21. Copelatus japonicus is a species of diving beetle.

22. Clypeaster japonicus.

23. A. japonicus may refer to:

24. Alloptox (Mizuhoptox) japonicus Subgen.

25. K. japonicus spawns in the summer.

26. Mallotus japonicus.

27. M. japonicus may refer to:

28. The reproduction of Osedax japonicus has been studied.

29. It is also closely related to Polistes japonicus.

30. Sometimes, P. snelleni bite and kill E. japonicus.