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1 use of written or common law the serf-owners set up penitentiaries or private jails.
2 They had come to the Waste not for the silence, but because only jails and nooses awaited them in the forests and towns of the east.
3 would almost certainly be counted in prisoners' home areas rather than in the constituencies where prisons are located, to avoid skewing results in areas with big jails.
4 More worrying still, more than 5, 000 prisoners fled the country’s jails in the earthquake, and most remain at large.
5 Prosecutors in Colombia say they will investigate the treatment of prisoners at one of the country's main military jails after a news magazine reported the inmates were being given special privileges.
6 In other operating systems, you can find containers (Solaris) and jails (BSD).
7 It was built in Ming and Qing Dynasties installing scripture halls, Buddha halls, county magistrate offices, courts, jails, and storehouses, etc.
8 officers, who are not allowed to strike, recently blockaded jails around the country.
9 jail's commander, Maj.Dave Wedding, said some women have exposed themselves to male inmates in video visitation booths, located in plain view in the jail's main lobby.
10 At current rates of sentencing, the inspector of prisons warns, jails will be full by September.
11 Then the French came up with semi-private jails, in which the state employs only the guards; now fully or partly privatized prisons are planned in countries from Denmark to Hong Kong.
12 than two weeks after a major prisoner exchange, which saw almost 500 Palestinian prisoners released from Israeli jails in a swap for the captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.
13 Prisons and jails took some of the biggest cuts this summer when legislators cut their state budgets, trying to slash their way out of an economic morass exacerbated by dwindling tax revenues.
14 Still languishing inside various jails are 61 of the 75 dissidents who were arrested in March 2003 during an unprecedented clampdown on political opponents.
15 enforced disappearance and incommunicado detention, including prolonged illegal detentions at unofficial holding facilities known as "black jails";
16 With the jails filling up and the scorching glare of national disapproval focused on Birmingham, Bull Connor abandoned his posture of nonviolence.
17 foreigners trickles in, and usually out, of the fetid jails of Bangkok.
18 Across the country, thousands of prisoners are reported to have escaped from jails after overpowering their guards.
19 The government has tried to alleviate the overcrowding by building new jails.
20 Under current California guidelines, nonviolent felons are held in county jails instead of state prisons.
21 His captors point to the thousands of Palestinians being held in Israeli jails in their defence.
22 Cuba's government has been freeing prisoners for months, and is on track to empty its jails of them.
23 The report, carried out by David Blakey, the former Chief Constable of West Mercia, said that more than 600 mobile phones and Sim cards were being seized each month in jails in England and Wales.
24 According to the Venezuelan Prisons Observatory (OPV), an advocacy group, more than 43, 000 prisoners are crammed into jails built for 15, 000. Four-fifths of them have not even been sentenced.
25 We have been in jails together.
26 As overcrowding has increased, the state's control of the jails has weakened.
27 But California can also transfer inmates to county jails.
28 Now, thousands of prisoners in four jails in the country are resorting to the same tactic.
29 Crime, courts, jails — these make Keefe's journalistic heart beat fast indeed.
30 popular in jails.