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No. sentence
1 thought suffices them, without investing itself in the flesh and blood of action.
2 In itself, that is but a small advance.
3 Because it has fattened itself up in the back, so it can touch back there, what that means is that the front of the tongue is not touching anything.
4 This includes device support for any new devices on the new system, as well as support for the model itself.
5 device itself should be mirrored or have data protection to avoid data corruption.
6 Like the notion of evil itself, they have ancient origins and appear in folklore and literature across the world.
7 increased confidence expressed itself in every ways.
8 Neither side should delude itself that it can avoid the harm caused by an increased mutual antagonism; both should understand that a crisis in one country can hurt the other.
9 It gets like that of itself," explained Peter.
10 This depends on your ability to recognize the methods and classes in question, not to recognize the thread itself, per se.
11 However, it will also receive bus management signals from the bus itself.
12 Signals can be generated by the process itself, or they can be sent from one process to another.
13 Shah says the result is an online store that promotes itself.
14 All these proposals were designed to create the New Sudan that southerners dream of: an integrated, federal and multiethnic nation that, for the first time in decades, could live at peace with itself.
15 But he is also one of the most ardent champions of the idea that cutting budget deficits will itself boost growth.
16 Although some people who cut do attempt suicide, it's usually because of the emotional problems and pain that lie behind their desire to self-harm, not the cutting itself.
17 In the pressured atmosphere of America itself, however, this ideal was to become distorted by a radical form of individualism, which is now undermining social cohesion.
18 To recover its prosperity, Penang has sought to reinvent itself.
19 though, let us look at the product itself and its main components.
20 diaspora itself can lead to economic and private benefits at home - China and India both have strong ties with their diaspora and this is also beginning to happen in Africa.
21 And even a modest overhaul will be superseded by changes within finance itself.
22 On the right, click the title bar (but not the title itself) for the business space or the page.
23 Every year, when winter descends on the country, one of English literature’s great works always finds itself pulled down from my bookshelf: namely, William Thackeray’s immortal Vanity Fair.
24 Only if they have learned to value the freedom free software gives them, to value freedom in and of itself rather than the technical and practical convenience of specific free software.
25 These systems are hardware or software devices that can help you monitor access across the network to and from your server as well as activity on the server itself.
26 AS with the other hardware replication technologies, although the IASP is not accessible on the backup node while its actively replicating, the node itself is available to do other work.
27 About my only criticism of Steve Jobs is that Apple itself is quite vertical.
28 Categorizations associated with the business itself are not included in the search.
29 Yet although killings and explosions have become daily occurrences in these north Caucasian republics, in Moscow they are not considered to be attacks on Russia itself.
30 Just why that should be is itself part of the story.