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1 He wished to plunder Delphi for its wealth.
2 Despite its wealth, it was mostly a wooden-built city, with few masonry buildings but was defended by a mercenary force estimated at 20,000 men and more than 2000 pieces of artillery.
3 In the mid-18th century a group of economic theorists, led by David Hume (1711–1776) and Adam Smith (1723–1790), challenged fundamental mercantilist doctrines - such as the belief that the world's wealth remained constant and that a state could only increase its wealth at the expense of another state.
4 Most of the fighting was in the centrally located Ouaka prefecture, which has the country's second largest city Bambari, because of its strategic location between the Muslim and Christian regions of the country and its wealth.
5 As the city became the sole remaining capital of the Roman Empire after the fall of the West, and its wealth, population, and influence grew, the city also came to have a multitude of nicknames.
6 Another example of a celebrity is a family that has notable ancestors or is known for its wealth.
7 Burke appealed for peace as preferable to civil war and reminded the House of Commons of America's growing population, its industry and its wealth.
8 After the war, Frankfurt regained its wealth.
9 Points are awarded for the size of a civilization, its wealth, and cultural and scientific advances.
10 Historians have used it as a primary source because of its wealth of detail on ordinary life in the 17th century, and the many towns and villages which Fox visited.
11 The Umayyad rule, with its wealth and luxury also seemed at odds with the Islamic message preached by Muhammad.
12 In addition to its wealth of practical evidence, Causae et Curae is also noteworthy for its organizational scheme.
13 The state arose in the 12th century CE. Its wealth came from controlling the trade in ivory from the Limpopo Valley, copper from the mountains of northern Transvaal, and gold from the Zimbabwe Plateau between the Limpopo and Zambezi rivers, with the Swahili merchants at Chibuene.
14 It spread as well to the United States, although that country had a reputation in Europe for providing much less leisure despite its wealth.
15 Only poverty-stricken Russia exceeded it in population, and no one could match its wealth, central location, and very strong professional army.
16 The Viceroyalty of Peru also had those two important elements, so that New Spain and Peru were the seats of Spanish power and the source of its wealth, until other viceroyalties were created in Spanish South America in the late 18th century.
17 When the Dutch royal family was established in 1815, much of its wealth came from Colonial trade.
18 At the same time, Spain was using most of its wealth from the New World to import manufactured goods from the more industrialized countries of Europe, notably Britain.
19 However, other poleis could hold influence comparable to Sparta herself, especially Corinth, due to its wealth and navy.
20 Many monuments evidence its wealth - particularly imposing considering the relatively small size of the urban area: the forum, laid out in two terraces on both sides of the main road, was constructed in several phases between the reigns of the Emperors Claudius (41–54 AD) and Antoninus Pius (138–161), and the theatre was enlarged and expanded in order to hold Roman games.
21 Yet after the defeat of his rival, Severus rewarded Tyre's loyalty with the status of a Colony, which enabled the city to regain some of its wealth as it granted Tyrians Roman citizenship, with the same rights as Romans themselves.
22 This view was shared by the German people, who believed the treaty was robbing Germany of its wealth.
23 The Old Testament contains the Book of Jonah and in the New Testament, Jesus mentions this story in Matthew 12:40. In 1585, Alessandro Farnese, 1585, and Francois, Duke of Anjou, 1582, were greeted on his ceremonial entry into the port city of Antwerp by floats including "Neptune and the Whale", indicating at least the city's dependence on the sea for its wealth.
24 Moving its wealth of arias and dances from the center of the work to near the beginning may weaken the opera's structure.
25 The population of Hallstatt drew its wealth from the salt industry.
26 Trade brought wool from England to Florence, ideally located on the river for the production of fine cloth, the industry on which its wealth was founded.
27 During that time, the country experienced a period of economic growth that transformed it from one of Western Europe's poorer countries into one of its wealthiest.
28 In February 2010, a report by Davy Research concluded that Ireland had "largely wasted” its years of high income during the boom, with private enterprise investing its wealth "in the wrong places".
29 Although the monastery used its funds generously, the Emperor condemned it for fraudulent banking practices and distributed its wealth to other Buddhist and Daoist monasteries, and to repair local statues, halls, and bridges.
30 Over the following two centuries, Portugal kept most of its colonies, but gradually lost much of its wealth and status as the Dutch, English, and French took an increasing share of the spice and slave trades by surrounding or conquering the widely scattered Portuguese trading posts and territories.