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its way in a sentence

1. Ragtime also made its way to Europe.

2. Anarchy was on its way;

3. Endeavour on its way into the VAB.

4. P on its way to Lambert's Point.

5. both praised its way of life.

6. Emmaus Church on its way to Borna.

7. It is in its way a sort of upbeat."

8. It's just perfect in its way.

9. It cannot change its way of life.

10. Rescue is on its way.

11. made its way online, becoming viral.

12. St. Paul's Mission was on its way.

13. This government has lost its way.

14. Rather lost its way!

15. It lost its way.

16. "Judgment Day is on its way.

17. Judgment Day is on its way.

18. Judgment Day for us is on its way.

19. Judgment Day is on its way!

20. Judgment Day is on its way.

21. It somewhere loses its way.

22. The third is now on its way.

23. Track 8 made its way to Fayno.

24. Is the show on its way there?"

25. It has 19 halts on its way.

26. The project was on its way.

27. ČD Railjet on its way to Vienna.

28. It winds its way to the north.

29. stronger in its way of growing.

30. Cassini was on its way to Saturn.