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its sale in a sentence

1. A few jurisdictions restrict its sale and use.

2. proceeds from its sale went to victims of the riots.

3. Thus, its sale is now prohibited by law;

4. He left the company after its sale.

5. leaving the company after its sale to Whitbread PLC.

6. entertainment company, until its sale to Yahoo!

7. "CBSL" owned WLQV until its sale to Salem.

8. Its sale or import is banned in Oregon.

9. By 1967, it had doubled its sale.

10. All profits from its sale are donated to Water Aid.

11. Until its sale in 2009, Sal.

12. before its sale.

13. may have precluded its sale in the United States.

14. Its sale is subject to licensing.

15. Big changes at the Palazzo were to follow its sale.

16. By the time of its sale to Testors Corp.

17. and was heavily involved in its sale to Kellogg.

18. in its sale to Bed, Bath &

19. Its sale was finished on December 28, 2012.

20. Since its sale it has remained unused.

21. It operated from 1976 until its sale in 1984.

22. by the time of its sale to KPIN, Inc.

23. It was in anticipation of its sale that Col.

24. He remained at the company until its sale in 1965.

25. Its sale is limited to local toddy taverns.

26. Its sale was refused or did not succeed in 1998.

27. The town was depopulated after its sale in 1947.

28. He was chairman of Zoots until its sale in 2008.

29. In 1838 its sale was a little over 1,000 per week.

30. redeploy its sale is politic, not fathomless also.