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its popularity in a sentence

1. Because of its popularity, Wallace &

2. It long retained its popularity.

3. Quotes in the film aided its popularity.

4. after 1611, its popularity was not lost.

5. The game has maintained its popularity.

6. its popularity lasted for over 600 years.

7. Burgess came to resent its popularity.

8. Subsequently its popularity declined.

9. its popularity among [contest] proposals;

10. Its popularity has grown;

11. Quotes in the film aided its popularity.

12. thus its popularity with consumers today.

13. which did not harm its popularity.

14. Its popularity led to production.

15. Its popularity peaked in the 50s and 60s.

16. The film has retained its popularity;

17. Nowadays its popularity declined.

18. Its popularity peaked from 2004 to 2006.

19. and called its popularity an unusual case.

20. Its popularity was very great.

21. Its popularity was not limited to English;

22. Its popularity led to many spin-offs;

23. Today, its popularity in Korea is highest.

24. Its popularity resulted in Parkinson &

25. Its popularity was then well-secured.

26. After the mid 2000s it lost its popularity.

27. But its popularity waned.

28. As a ballad, it renewed its popularity.

29. contributed to its popularity.

30. This being the reason for its popularity.