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its own armed forces in a sentence

1. Andorra does not have its own armed forces, although there is a small ceremonial army.

2. The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR) had originally formed its own armed forces from 26 June 1918.

3. The state, then named Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, participated in the Yugoslav Wars with limited direct intervention of its own armed forces.

4. Igbal further added that the substate would not have its own armed forces but instead would have troops for internal security.

5. These companies operate as a major state within a state with its own armed forces.

6. By mid-1920, the Irish Republic was a reality in the lives of many people, enforcing its own law, maintaining its own armed forces and collecting its own taxes.

7. However, Army Chief Ahmad Yani and Defence Minister Nasution procrastinated in implementing this idea, as this was tantamount to allowing the PKI to establish its own armed forces.

8. However, this idea was rejected by the army's leadership as being tantamount to the PKI establishing its own armed forces.

9. instead Parliament decided to raise its own armed forces.

10. The republic had its own armed forces: the Russian National Liberation Army, RONA (not to be confused with the Russian Liberation Army, ROA).

11. It can choose to protect civilians along with its own armed forces instead, avoiding so-called collateral damage, but only by abandoning the objective of destroying the insurgents.

12. It governed itself internally and controlled its own armed forces, but had no diplomatic autonomy, and, therefore, was officially at war as soon as Britain was at war.

13. The Royal Niger Company had its own armed forces.

14. When the British decided in 1967 to withdraw their forces from the Far East, Singapore saw the need to build up its own armed forces.

15. He later asserted that he 'hated the Treaty' and only supported it because it allowed Ireland to have its own armed forces.

16. This involved the disarming of all Black Africans in the Cape, including the soldiers and citizens in its own armed forces.

17. As a result, the English Parliament refused to pay for a royal army to put down the rebellion in Ireland and instead raised its own armed forces.

18. The government, unable to maintain its authority over its own armed forces, had to ask the British to put down the mutinies.

19. In 1943, this organization was completed with its own armed forces as well as a gendarmerie.

20. Only the political power of each member state can change ICMM recommendations into rules applicable to its own Armed Forces.

21. In April 1992, the Parliament formed a Ministry of Defense, and Moldova began to organize its own armed forces.

22. However, Army Chief Ahmad Yani and Defence Minister Nasution procrastinated in implementing this idea, as this was tantamount to allowing the PKI to establish its own armed forces.

23. The Commonwealth in the second half of the 17th century developed huge indebtedness in respect to its own armed forces.

24. Later, West Germany placed an order for 50,000 G3 for its own armed forces.

25. The Generalgouvernement was separated from the Reich by customs laws, financial barriers and passport control, but did not have its own armed forces or foreign ministry.

26. U.S. Army Chief of Staff General J. Lawton Collins said that the US should be prepared to "commit its own armed forces to the defense of Indochina."

27. Example of Ukrainian Forces later was used by Poland to took advantage and build its own armed forces, which from 2015 implemented a similar practice.

28. With Ukraine regaining its independence, the creation of its own Armed Forces begins a new page in the history of the Lviv Military Institute.

29. The ministry had its own armed forces.

30. Argentina wisely insists that it will not resort to military action (in contrast to 1982, the Falklands are now well-garrisoned whereas its own armed forces have shrunk).