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its oppression in a sentence

1. This attitude was quite prominent a century ago when seeing the state as a tyrant and some anarchists believing that they had every right to oppose its oppression by any means possible.

2. It is similarly used to negatively describe a person who betrays their own group by participating in its oppression, whether or not they do so willingly.

3. In 1905, the working class in Russia, a generation brought together in vast factories from the relative isolation of peasant life, saw the result of its labour as a vast collective effort and the only means of struggling against its oppression in terms of a collective effort and forming workers councils (soviets) in the course of the revolution of that year.

4. In 1964 Labour returned to power after 13 years of Conservative rule but the new government under Harold Wilson pursued policies seen by many leftists as anti-union (including an attempt to introduce "In Place of Strife" compulsory arbitration), while in Northern Ireland the government was seen by many in the Catholic community as supporting its oppression following the collapse of the civil rights campaign.

5. Al-Qaradawi condones Palestinian attacks on Israelis only if Israel continues its oppression and averts peace.

6. These decisions often criticize Israel for its "occupation of Palestinian land and its oppression of Palestinians."

7. The German historian Hanspeter Schaudig has identified a line on the Cylinder ("He [i.e. Marduk] saved his city Babylon from its oppression") with a line from tablet VI of the Babylonian "Epic of Creation", Enûma Eliš, in which Marduk builds Babylon.

8. Particularly, the Japanese tend to view the state as monolithic and powerful and the "consumer" began to be increasingly viewed as the ideal citizen capable of dealing with its oppression.

9. He became an ordained priest, and eventually Krakow's bishop and archbishop, where he began his fight against Communism and its oppression.

10. In the interval, to be sure, Gibson adds we have… overthrown the old system with its oppression.

11. By this time, nearly 6.5 million African Americans had left the South in the Great Migration to escape its oppression and seek work opportunities in the North, Midwest and West, changing the demographics of numerous cities and regions.

12. In addition to UN inspections, to ensure the Iraqi compliance of Resolution 688 which called for Iraq to end its oppression of Iraqi citizens, the no-fly zones over Iraq were established by the U.S. and its allies to protect the Kurds in Iraqi Kurdistan and the Shiites in southern Iraq from aerial attacks by the Iraqi government.

13. Viewed in this light, it is not accidental that the American bourgeoisie has intensified its oppression, not only of the Negro people in general, but of Negro women in particular.

14. The French language has been, and continues to be, an essential element of Louisiana culture in spite of its oppression during the last fifty years."

15. The Nazis permitted this association to hide its oppression of Jews.

16. This is being said against a country which rose to oppose this condemned Zionist claim from the very beginning ... For over twenty years, in speeches and statements, we have spoken of Israel and its oppression, whereas a great many Islamic countries did not even take a step along this road in opposing Israel.

17. After the Second World War the Soviet regime renewed its oppression of Christian denominations;

18. Similarly Marc Eckō's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure (2006), features a story line involving training in graffiti artistry and fighting against a corrupt city and its oppression of free speech, as in the Jet Set Radio series.

19. Finkelstein cites his first hand experiences witnessing apartheid and his treatment by South African police as a disabled person, as experiences that initiated new ways of thinking about society and its oppression of disabled people.

20. He stated that the North Korean regime would not be appeased by blandishments, further, such concessions prop the regime and prolong its oppression of the people.

21. It calls on all peoples to put pressure on Israel to put an end to its oppression and disregard for international law.

22. Kim does not place blame for his life on capitalist society, its oppression of workers, or the contradictions in the social structure.

23. Jai Bhim Comrade begins with a description of the Indian caste system and its oppression of the Dalit community.

24. If he received such a terrifying sentence, what types of punishments can key opposition members expect from Putin’s Soviet-style crackdown? The less Russia’s general public reacts to these cruel punishments, the more leverage it grants to the Kremlin to intensify its oppression of the opposition.

25. In further retaliation, Al-Shabaab declared that "Kenyan cities will run red with blood" and vowed that it would "stop at nothing to avenge the deaths of our Muslim brothers until your government ceases its oppression and until all Muslim lands are liberated from Kenyan occupation."