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its hind feet in a sentence

1. It has the name "snowshoe" because of the large size of its hind feet.

2. Its hind feet are bristled.

3. It has three toes on its forelimbs, but only two toes on its hind feet.

4. Then the flaps on its hind feet are opened and thus more surface area is provided for it to run on water.

5. Its hind feet, slightly fringed with coarse hairs on the toes, measure about 19.2 mm (0.76 in).

6. The Somalia gerbil can be distinguished from the others by the hairy soles to its hind feet.

7. The species common name is derived from the number of toes found on its hind feet.

8. Its forefeet are smaller than its hind feet, each with three toes.

9. its hind feet are highly modified for climbing.

10. The first toe on its front foot and the first three toes on its hind feet were clawed.

11. Like most species of turtle, the bog turtle constructs its nest using its hind feet and claws.

12. It has five toes on its hind feet and granular pads.

13. Its hind feet and a small area around the eyes are furless.

14. Because its neck can extend as far as its hind feet, caution is required when handling one.

15. Ord's kangaroo rat has a fifth toe on its hind feet, which distinguishes it from Dipodomys elator.

16. It has long ears that are longer than its hind feet.

17. its hind feet are 7–9 mm (0.28–0.35 in) long;

18. it also makes a noise through its hind feet.

19. instead, it balances itself with its hind feet on a branch so that its hands are free to control its food.

20. When moving about, it sometimes stops and stands upright on its hind feet, propping itself up with its tail.

21. The claws on its forefeet are longer than those on its hind feet, and its middle claws are longest.

22. its hind feet are 6.7–6.9 mm (0.26–0.27 in);

23. Its hind feet are broad and large with soles that are naked for about one-half their length.

24. As most burrowing anurans, it likely used its hind feet for digging, thereby entering ground backwards.

25. The male platypus has well developed spurs on the heels of its hind feet.

26. It can run relatively quickly on its hind feet for a limited distance.

27. The Tridentichnus trackmaker was a relatively large animal with five toes on its hind feet.

28. Its hind feet are broad, with long white hairs.

29. Its hind feet are 14–16 mm (0.55–0.63 in) long;

30. The glands on its hind feet can secrete poisonous fluid.