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its heels in a sentence

1. Achilles then kills Hector and drags his corpse by its heels behind his chariot.

2. The Great Depression followed hard on its heels.

3. Following close on its heels was Nike, Inc.

4. The Associated Press said that the show "took 20 years of pointless, insipid situation comedy and spun it on its heels.

5. Following the synod, the city council dragged its heels for several months.

6. Following on its heels is El Macabeo (Naples, 1638), a Castilian epic by the Portuguese Marrano Miguel de Silveyra.

7. Hot on its heels, Dodge also started production of the civilian 4WD Power Wagon trucks, for the 1946 model year.

8. The Great Depression followed hard on its heels.

9. On a shield in a blue field is a gold horseshoe, with its heels pointed straight up, and in its center a cross;

10. The cross is on the shoulders of a horseshoe which stands erect with its heels at the bottom.

11. the election came during the closing months of World War II when Germany was on its heels and starting to collapse.

12. Despite these resurgences, at the end of the decade the Danish film industry was on its heels.

13. After putting up a good fight, the infantry finally took to its heels.

14. 1964 This time Gwyn Evan's City team was the local champion, with Western hot on its heels most of the season.

15. It put a smile on a city that was both down on its heels and negatively perceived."

16. It dragged its heels when desegregating.

17. however, it was great balance and play-calling that kept WKU on its heels.

18. If a gag doesn’t work, another one is on its heels".

19. When it spies a wolf, instinct takes over and the goat takes to its heels.

20. The young prince was killed and his division took to its heels after the drubbing it received.

21. is nevertheless right on its heels, containing as it does an even greater degree of pop experimentation within the form."

22. Nonetheless, the ruling African National Congress (ANC) dug in its heels;

23. However, the CBI dragged its heels on pursuing the investigation.

24. Close on its heels was the Howrah–Chennai main line in 1901.

25. Eager to hit back at the Republicans, he designed a satirical postcard that showed a donkey kicking its heels high in the air.

26. It has large tubercles on its heels, especially noticeable in females, that distinguish it from most other Boophis species;

27. its body is black, with hair hanging down to its heels.

28. down to" in Guo Pu's 及踵 "hair hanging down to its heels" comment as fan 反 "reverse;

29. He instead turns the tables on Union General George Meade with a vicious counterattack that sets the Union Army on its heels.

30. naruto, let you wait me a, next time, I must not dragging its heels.