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its gills in a sentence

1. The animal develops a big jaw, and its gills disappear along with its gill sac.

2. K. polythalamia sifts mud and sediment with its gills.

3. This includes holding the fish in water deep enough to submerge its gills.

4. After long fights, it may be necessary to manually move water past its gills.

5. Of extant lungfish, only the Australian lungfish can breathe through its gills.

6. Instead, it swims to force water across its gills.

7. It exhibits neoteny, retaining its gills and larva-like tail into adulthood.

8. Its gills are permanent, bushy, and red.

9. This species is perrenibranchiate, retaining its gills throughout life.

10. It retains its gills.

11. Its gills are subadnate, thin, and brown.

12. Its gills and perfoliate rhinophores are orange-tipped.

13. Furthermore, its gills need to be moist all the time, or it will die.

14. Its gills are pale ochre, and are adnexed to almost free.

15. A mantle covers its gills and internal organs.

16. it needs water flow over its gills to provide it oxygen.

17. Its gills are arranged around the anus and its rhinophores are perfoliate.

18. Its gills and rhinophores are large and creamy-coloured.

19. Its gills are yellow and brown with paired projections alongside them.

20. Its gills and rhinophores are black.

21. Its gills may lead it to being confused with Hygrophorus species.

22. Both its gills and rhinophores are also white.

23. Otherwise, its anal orifice and its gills aperture are black.

24. This mussel harbors intracellular methanotrophic bacteria in its gills.

25. Its gills color ranges from white to yellow.

26. Its gills are poorly formed or nearly absent.

27. It can flap its gills slightly to create a hollow in which to settle.

28. They described its gills as having the colour of "washed leather".

29. Its gills and rhinophores are brown instead of pale with brown edges.

30. A parasitic isopod sometimes attaches to its gills.