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its first quarter in a sentence

1. The next year, however, British Airways reported an 84% drop in profits in its first quarter alone, its worst in seven years.

2. Sun was profitable from its first quarter in July 1982.

3. For its first quarter century Watertown ranked next to Boston in population and area.

4. It claimed a $12.9 million profit in its first quarter after it was spun out of Cabletron in June 2001.

5. It is recommended that, while it is waxing, the moon be viewed around the time of its first quarter;

6. Its share price was rising again when the firm announced its first quarter's results on 6 May 2000.

7. The second match saw Gabon qualify for its first quarter-final since 1996 in the most dramatic circumstances.

8. In mid-June, Dynegy reported that its first quarter income had fallen 80 percent.

9. In March 2003, HP restated its first-quarter cash flow from operations, reducing it 18 percent because of an accounting error.

10. The company's transaction with Google will be reflected in its first quarter 2018 numbers.

11. For most of its first quarter-century, it was usually a reasonably safe Liberal seat.

12. Eidos reported light sales of the game, among other releases, for its first quarter financial results ending June 30, 2000.

13. The platform is canopied for its first quarter length with a small enclosed shelter.

14. These losses caused EarthLink to post a loss for its first quarter of 2007.

15. Priceline sold an estimated 40,000 tickets in its first quarter of operation.

16. Jett's implosion forced GE to take a $210 million charge to its first-quarter earnings ($350 million before taxes).

17. "This Is Your Life" initially begins slowly before picking up speed during its first quarter.

18. Baseball's National League withstood three challenges in its first quarter century of existence.

19. The carrier falsified its first quarter earnings' report to show positive earnings per share.

20. The losses were large enough that parent GE had to take a $210 million charge to its first-quarter earnings.

21. In March 2003, HP restated its first-quarter cash flow from operations, reducing it 18 percent because of an accounting error.

22. In 2014, Sharp was able to stem losses and deliver a positive net income for its first quarter results.

23. Capcom has listed the game as a contributor to the low sales of its first quarter of its 2010 fiscal year.

24. The website offered more than 300,000 music titles and generated more than 80 million views in its first quarter.

25. In its first quarter, the online game market was worth 8.5 billion Yuan ($1.31 billion U.S.).

26. Founded in 1963, the Big Sky was for men's sports only for its first quarter century.

27. In its first quarter financials for 2015, Sony Pictures set aside $15 million to deal with ongoing damages from the hack.

28. It flows through a narrow groove down the steep upper slopes of the cirque for its first quarter-mile (400 m).

29. It was among top 3 Hindi Books in the Dainik Jagran Nielsen Bookscan Bestseller list in its first quarter.

30. On April 24, 2019, Boeing released its first-quarter results.