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its creation in a sentence

1. Both fields study software and its creation.

2. Marshall County at the time of its creation.

3. Cass County at the time of its creation.

4. Lord Reith did not approve of its creation.

5. The time of its creation is not certain;

6. Its creation is largely credited to Hauge.

7. since its creation in 1950.

8. however, its creation was unsuccessful.

9. Its creation has been credited to Rev.

10. Gary Brennan played a role in its creation.

11. Its creation is still debated.

12. She had held the ward since its creation.

13. its creation was one of his first decisions.

14. was instrumental in its creation.

15. Its creation began in early 1937.

16. Its creation became effective on 1 May 2006.

17. were involved in its creation.

18. Since its creation in 2002 Soapbox, Inc.

19. advocated its creation.

20. advocated its creation.

21. he died shortly after its creation.

22. since its creation in 1992.

23. Since its creation in 1992, UFLEF, Inc.

24. Daloa Department upon its creation in 1969.

25. Divo Department upon its creation in 1969.

26. FEMA soon took over after its creation.

27. was void in its creation, for two reasons.

28. Its creation was funded by philanthropists.

29. Lütge was key to its creation.

30. Its creation was announced in May 2020.