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its burrow in a sentence

1. Sphex drags its cricket prey towards its burrow by the antennae;

2. Nearly fully fledged, this chick is near its burrow and at risk of predation.

3. A hungry individual will wait halfway outside its burrow for a meal.

4. it has been known to share its burrow systems with several individuals.

5. The "nursery" of the bush rat is its burrow.

6. It feeds on seeds and grasses, storing some in its burrow.

7. It is usually caught by flooding its burrow and digging it out.

8. It sometimes emerges from its burrow by day during heavy rain.

9. The lizard basks close to the entrance of its burrow.

10. it is mainly encountered by digging up its burrow.

11. It surfaces only when heavy rain or plowing forces it to evacuate its burrow.

12. When disturbed, it retreats into its burrow tail-first.

13. It eats seeds, which it carries back to its burrow in its cheek pouches.

14. It keeps cool by day by remaining underground in its burrow.

15. The depth of its burrow varies between a minimum of 40 cm and one metre;

16. It may remain in its burrow during the winter, often in hibernation.

17. The animal does not build a nest in its burrow.

18. When not in its burrow, the animal spends most of its time foraging.

19. The yellow-nosed cotton rat (Sigmodon ochrognathus) often shares its burrow.

20. These seeds are then stored in certain compartments within its burrow.

21. The wasp then flies off, and the cricket returns to its burrow.

22. This species hides in its burrow at night, completely sealing the entrance.

23. Cardisoma crassum is common among mangrove roots, where it builds its burrow.

24. It stacks pebbles in front of its burrow.

25. During summer it remains in its burrow during the cold nights and midday heat.

26. The host is not frequently seen outside its burrow which can be 2 meters deep.

27. It eats dung beetles, which fall into its burrow.

28. Hole in the ground dug by a fox as its burrow.

29. It might first emerge by sliding its head out of its burrow into the sun.

30. As dusk descends on the mountains, a pangolin emerges from its burrow.