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No. sentence
1 He emphasized its importance to me.
2 The horse twisted and bucked and finally dismounted its rider.
3 on disinterested purity while its neck is being remorselessly twisted toward a skirt.
4 The tree thrusts its branches high.
5 Speaking of fiber, a lot of it's in the peel, whether it's potatoes, apples, or pears.
6 Even oranges don't eat the whole peel, but keep the pith, that white stringy stuff; it's packed with flavonoids.
7 Until then, it's fascinating to peel open the map and poke around Africa to see who's doing what.
8 So it is with the absurd: it is a question of breathing with it, of recognizing its lessons and recovering their flesh.
9 This was simply used to slowly tear the flesh from its victim, often times all the way down to the bone.
10 value of a book does not depend from its size.
11 This detector is a very delicate instrument; it'll go wrong if it's mishandled.
12 I like it because it's nice and sweet.
13 Yes, it’s always nice to have more money to spend, but I think it’s important to spend more time with my family.
14 tiger opened its mouth and grinned like a hungry god; which is how tigers grin.
15 Then go up and shout in its ear.
16 Halfway up the hill, he saw an elephant coming down, with a small bundle of leaves on its back and a mahout poking its ear with an iron rod.
17 after birth the baby and its mother bond.
18 The child read the story but did not comprehend its meaning.
19 Since the new tree was unable to reproduce naturally, caretakers amputated some of its limbs and grafted them onto other citrus trees to produce more of the desirable fruit.
20 Yet if the bread chapter stands out for its clarity and utility, it also points out the inherent oddness of this branch of science.
21 like the ripening of a fruit - it's about waiting for each bottle to reach the perfect age.
22 The roof will not bear the strain of its weight.
23 Nearby, an unidentified weed gains a month's stay.It is a small return for its cluster of tiny yellow paintbrush blossoms.
24 I am like the tree that, at the end of the flowering summer, gazes at the sky with its lifted branches bare of their blossoms.
25 Asian currencies rallied, paring this week's losses, after Greece scrapped plans for a referendum that put its bailout in jeopardy, fueling investor appetite for emerging-market assets.
26 So it can detect whether the knife is slicing, whether it's scraping or what.
27 The details of each target, including the knife used, it's all still so fresh in my mind.
28 I firmly believe that just like for tethering it's operators who don't want to hear about podcasts.
29 You need to install Samsung's free Remote Viewfinder app on one of its Galaxy S Android phones, then turn on Wi-Fi "tethering, " adding $15 to $30 a month to your wireless bill.
30 I expect it to earn its cost in less than three years.