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1 This approach also requires the involvement of testers and deployment personnel.
2 The four women initially admitted involvement in the deaths of up to 42 elderly patients, but police said they later retracted most of those confessions.
3 Peace and stability in the world need the active involvement of China.
4 Our acting was so marvelous that no one could guess any emotional involvement between you and me.
5 These programs are also progressive in nature: With each success, we have the opportunity to progress to the next level of involvement.
6 One of the main themes of TQM is employee involvement.
7 Japanese farmers and fishermen rallied Tuesday against the possible involvement by their nation after news reports said Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda will soon announce that Japan will join the talks.
8 Apple is already partly invested in Imagination Technologies, which builds the PowerVR graphics chipset for current iPhones, but the company's long-term plans for its involvement aren't clear.
9 indicates that the painting trade was characterized by the diversity of the ways of the painting trade through the study of it especially the involvement of the intellects.
10 It also wants to ensure that no conflict can be resolved without its involvement.
11 Primary pneumonic plague results from inhalation of aerosolized infective droplets and can be transmitted from human to human without involvement of fleas or animals.
12 If any creditor involvement will draw an unfavourable opinion from the rating agencies, Germany retorted, we might as well revert to our original plan.
13 previous books about SOA and service-orientation also benefited a great deal from community involvement and validation, but not at this scale.
14 First of all, for those of you who are not familiar with the W3C process as I was not prior to my involvement with this workshop, a quick overview.
15 Among the most contentious issues, is Poland's decision to host U.S. Patriot missiles on its soil and the possible involvement of Warsaw in the new version of a planned U.S. missile shield.
16 Build and support a community of users and contributors such that the code outlives any particular contributor's involvement or any particular company or university's funding.
17 training focus is on both boosting productivity and improving working conditions through worker involvement.
18 full involvement and support of the customer and management is critical for such an adoption.
19 A second danger is that if Indian suspicions again point to a Pakistani involvement, the slow thawing of relations between the two hostile neighbours will revert to the deep freeze.
20 Ecosystems change over time, with or without the involvement of mankind, so no one can tell what Hawaii "should" look like.
21 These alerts can be defined dynamically by users in the dashboards without any IT involvement.
22 Granted, the ouija board typewriter didn't prove or disprove the involvement of spirits, but it did prevent swindlers from consciously moving the triangle while pretending they were possessed.
23 Megrahi vowed in an interview with the Times newspaper yesterday that he would present new evidence before he died exonerating him of any involvement in Lockerbie.
24 President Paul Kagame’s party denied involvement in the recent murders of an opposition leader, André Kagwa Rwisereka, and of a critical newspaper editor.
25 Police in Colombia say they've captured a man accused of involvement in at least 50 murders.
26 is unfortunate, since a father's involvement not only delays his daughter's reproduction but also has a big impact generally on the life chances of his children.
27 America's vociferous involvement, notably at a regional security forum in Hanoi last July, was welcomed at the time by most of the ten members of the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN).
28 Although the jury rejected Cao's claim that he was blackmailed into taking part, detectives have not ruled out the possible involvement of others.
29 indictment did not name the bank in question, people briefed on the matter identified it as Credit Suisse, and a spokesman for the bank acknowledged its involvement.
30 In 2007 the UN body released a statement denying any involvement with the New 7 Wonders of the World campaign and questioning its value.