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No. sentence
1 In dynamic registration, only those resource managers which register with the transaction manager get involved in the transaction branch.
2 The heavy expenses involved in his marriage celebration cancelled out the possible pleasure he'd have.
3 They explain how they created a spooky meal to be eaten by the audience at an immersive theatre event, which involved lots of experiments to devise "edible blood".
4 This design assigns responsibilities to each of the involved systems.
5 Being involved in this way has given each of us an increased sense of purpose and strengthened our ties to the place we live.
6 Of course, more work is involved in this case, but the good thing is that after it is done, the SBS models themselves could be significantly enhanced to cover more business domains or industries.
7 It was not yet dynamic because there was a time delay involved in this process.
8 If you'd like to get involved please go to the AJDT homepage (see Resources) and look for the links to Bugzilla, the newsgroup, the developers mailing list, and the page of to-do tasks.
9 In some instances that could be the same person, but in other cases, it may be individuals from the LOB or segment that owns the data involved.
10 Neuroscientists have long believed that the brain's so-called episodic memory circuits are largely involved in remembering past events or occurrences.
11 Although there may be other factors involved the subject is urged to simply view the situation in terms of clear-cut right and wrong.
12 They also got involved in the design of the games and exercises.
13 In the older days of AIX, you would have modified this database using low-level commands that involved a high degree of risk to the server, where one typo could wreck the operating system.
14 The case involved many innocent people.
15 If we were to be involved in an accident or were taken ill, the people attending us would have our mobile phone but wouldn't know who to call..
16 So you have to get them all involved in the budgeting process.
17 An all-day team meeting costs thousands of dollars, if we calculate the cost of all the people involved along with overheads.
18 In this section, we will briefly describe possible ways of reducing the costs and risks involved in doing this.
19 Therefore, the important information is about the agents and applications involved in the deadlock, in particular the agent and application that were rolled back.
20 One of the great advantages of planning poker is that it flushes out the assumptions and constraints involved in the solution.
21 That sent a strong signal that the company trusted employees, yet it involved relatively little risk, because the policy was tied to employees' not abusing the trust.
22 ANOTHER troubled piece of Northern Ireland's violent past caught up with it this week with the publication of a report on the disturbing case of a Catholic priest involved in an IRA bombing in 1972.
23 In scientific terms, the findings showed that "the embodiment of moral purity is specific to the motor modality involved in the moral transgression.
24 As First Lord of the Admiralty in 1915, he was deeply involved in a campaign in the Dardanelles that could have shortened the course of a bloody world war.
25 The series's producer, Bell, wanted Hawking to be involved not only because of his academic reputation but because he "engages a young audience in science more than anyone else."
26 There is no threat or force involved.
27 The other main charge involved the night of the bombing that ended everything.
28 That year, the problem involved railroad bottlenecks in getting coal to power plants — an issue largely resolved with the subsequent investments in more rail lines.
29 A basic design issue is whether to absorb the horizontal thrusts involved directly through the foundations or by using a supplementary horizontal compression strut.
30 Under a draft bill, politicians and civil servants would be barred from holding jobs in companies involved in public bodies or seeking business with them.