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No. sentence
1 She took a pear and bit into it.
2 The robbers not only took his money but also laid into him.
3 She has degenerated into license and immorality.
4 At another red light Marissa reached up and twisted the mirror toward her glanced into it.
5 They tunnelled their way into an underground palace.
6 He hurried me into disguising as an old man.
7 The sparrow whizzed up into a tree.
8 The dog went to the kitchen, nibbled opened a bag of cookies and pided the contents into four equal piles.
9 New York is like many big, crowded cities in having plenty of art to bump into - or drop or toss in the trash or surrender to the cosmic banana peel.
10 A larva metamorphoses into a chrysalis and then into a butterfly.
11 Then the steam passes into the turbine.
12 nail grows into flesh.
13 We turn into pieces of rotting flesh, decaying.
14 He replayed the part of the tape in which Tom headed the ball into an open goal.
15 Working together for two months welded them into a group.
16 She hauled her large box into the room.
17 Inside the reactor the large molecules are cracked into smaller molecules.
18 The students were regimented into large groups for military training.
19 A large rock jutted out little way into the water.
20 What we eat is assimilated into our systems.
21 Please turn this piece of prose into verse.
22 The boy drifted into a bad habit.
23 They spread-eagled against the crowd to let her go into the theatre from her car.
24 If your model has big ears, then turn their head so only one is showing and then feather the light so that the other ear will fall into shadows and not be noticeable.
25 Scientists also have tried to grow human organs in animals that could one day be transplanted back into humans _ like a mouse onto whose back scientists grew a human ear.
26 His group has printed cells directly into the meniscus of an injured knee to reconstruct it, and at the AAAS meeting, he printed an ear out of silicon in about 20 minutes.
27 She beckoned to him and he went into her office.
28 And then all the Gentiles, all the nations, would come to the God of Israel, they would be grafted into the nation of Israel, they would worship the God of Israel.
29 I've successfully grafted in a call to the added code at each store into the Bean.m_a field (one in the constructor and one in the set method).
30 But there is still an open question mentioned in the section "Introduction into the Two-Phase-Commit protocol". What to do, if "Phase 2" failed for a transaction branch?