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interventional in a sentence

1. However, interventional therapy may also be relatively risky.

2. In January 2017, the company acquired Interventional Spine, Inc.

3. FNAC has become synonymous to interventional cytology.

4. Specialized hospital services include: an interventional MRI;

5. This is done both for diagnostic and interventional purposes.

6. and Amber Volakis (Anne Dudek), an interventional radiologist.

7. increasing its interventional pain therapy offerings.

8. . Interventional Radiology Unit.

9. He currently practices at Interventional Spine &

10. They are commonly placed by surgeons or interventional radiologists.

11. Johnson interventional business called “Johnson &

12. Interventional Pain Management.

13. This was one of the first reports of interventional neuroradiology.

14. This was one of the first reports of interventional neuroradiology.

15. He was also an interventional cardiologist at Geisinger.

16. and in interventional procedures using fluoroscopy.

17. Interventional Surgery Center in Marina Del Rey, California.

18. Lal has taught interventional cardiology for 20 years.

19. It is performed by a physician trained in interventional cardiology.

20. Interventional Radiology, Rheumatology, Urology &

21. Surgical and interventional requirements may be mutually exclusive.

22. vice president of the Interventional Engineering Committee of CSBT;


24. Interventional Cardiology, Surgery &

25. to provide the best possible interventional pain management.

26. Interventional radiology.

27. He has written several articles on interventional cardiology;

28. In 1981, he established BI's interventional cardiology program.

29. new techniques in interventional cardiology;

30. Karam's field of work is in interventional cardiology.