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No. sentence
1 With such a tiered understanding of intentions, a consistent evolution of process can be maintained under the sometimes chaotic onslaught of changing needs and interpretations.
2 The item he intentionally obscured would make several interpretations possible.
3 the model clear enough, or are there multiple interpretations of how things should be structured?
4 It only suggests that we may be wrong to think that somehow interpretations ought to converge among different consumers.
5 As a result, each book purports to present something new and interesting about the authors' interpretations of the values and principles.
6 Muti's controlling physical style apparently mirrored the control he exerted over the orchestra's interpretations. after.
7 Different interpretations come about when people with different personalities look at exactly the same objects, facts, data, or events and see different things.
8 a diverse society, moreover, one would expect there to be multiple interpretations of rights.
9 Da Vinci's is the most well known last Supper, but it's joined by more than 50 other noteworthy interpretations produced in the last millennium.
10 Second, we make fault and structural interpretations based on the structural characteristics of the outcrop pictures.
11 Hostile interpretations of Gandhi's ACTS stalked him throughout his life.
12 Such cases typically hinge on different interpretations of statistics rather than differing accounts of what happened by the photocopier.
13 Spec scripts can range from personal project ideas to new interpretations of the latest trend in movies and television.
14 Assignment using Hamlet on the Ramparts site to explore textual variation and stage traditions in Hamlet 1.4 and 1.5. in relation to film interpretations.
15 The involved and abstruse passage makes several interpretations possible.
16 Differing interpretations of the specification.
17 In your example, the problem is that both interpretations seem to be rational.
18 There can be two different interpretations of no support.
19 The real problem lies in differing interpretations of history.
20 To support this concept, words that define a principle must be carefully chosen so there will not be multiple interpretations of a principle.
21 And indeed, ever since the birth of quantum mechanics, some physicists have offered alternate interpretations of its equations that aim to get rid of this indeterminism.
22 Different interpretations of the same term increase the risk of failed project delivery.
23 We're looking for interpretations of the claim everyone dies alone.
24 This result should contribute to the ongoing debate over the various interpretations of quantum theory, " said Steinberg.
25 When you communicate with others, if the model is not precise enough, then it is open to multiple interpretations.
26 interpretations and extrapolations of it have not been subjected to any decisive tests, and it is not clear that they ever could be.
27 Yet the building's symmetrical layout and monolithic scale invite other interpretations.
28 Then next class period, on Wednesday, we'll talk about medieval exegesis, late ancient and medieval exegesis — interpretations of the Bible.
29 They lend themselves to a variety of interpretations.
30 A number of the traditional methods and interpretations used in animal studies of (non-vaccine) drug safety are unlikely to apply in the specialized field of adjuvant safety.