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internal fertilisation in a sentence

1. They differ from the cryptobranchids by having fused prearticular bones in the lower jaw, and by using internal fertilisation.

2. The majority of salamanders also engage in internal fertilisation.

3. The tailed frog (Ascaphus truei) exhibits internal fertilisation.

4. Ovoviviparous and viviparous animals also use internal fertilisation.

5. Advantages to internal fertilisation include: minimal waste of gametes;

6. The Materpiscis fossil is believed to be the earliest organism capable of internal fertilisation.

7. The vast number of brachyuran crabs have internal fertilisation and mate belly-to-belly.

8. Internal fertilisation occurs in 500 to 600 species of teleosts but is more typical for Chondrichthyes and many tetrapods.

9. The five include two nonviviparous modes: ovuliparity, with external fertilisation, and oviparity, with internal fertilisation.

10. Thus, the tailed frogs exhibit internal fertilisation, rather than the external fertilisation found in other frogs.

11. Internal fertilisation takes place before the hardening of the new carapace, with the aid of two abdominal appendages (gonopods).

12. In many species of fish, fins have been modified to allow Internal fertilisation.

13. They are gonochoric (having two sexes), and employ internal fertilisation.

14. Nomorhamphus species are livebearing fish that practise internal fertilisation.

15. Dermogenys are live-bearing fish that practise internal fertilisation.

16. Internal fertilisation is also evidenced by specialized pelvic fin rays (Saurichthys calcaratus) or ventral scales (gonopodium;

17. The reliability of paternity may be decreased in internal fertilisation.

18. However, male territoriality has also been observed with internal fertilisation, in the case of some bird species.

19. Nimbaphrynoides are viviparous—they have internal fertilisation and the female gives birth to fully developed, tiny toadlets.

20. Unlike most other fish, priapium fishes exhibit internal fertilisation, although they are oviparous.

21. After internal fertilisation, the planula larvae are brooded by the parent before being ejected into the water column.

22. Alternatively, sexual reproduction occurs, with internal fertilisation.

23. In many species of fish, fins have been modified to allow Internal fertilisation.

24. It is unusual among box jellyfish in having a mating ritual and internal fertilisation.

25. When this sperm is drawn into another individual zooid, internal fertilisation can occur.

26. Here internal fertilisation takes place and the embryos are brooded until the first moult.

27. oviparity, with internal fertilisation of large eggs containing a substantial nutritive yolk;

28. Oviparity: bird development inside shelled egg, with large food supply in yolk, after internal fertilisation.

29. After internal fertilisation, the eggs are initially retained in the gastrovascular cavity.

30. They are hermaphrodites, reproducing by copulation with internal fertilisation.