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interconnect in a sentence

1. The process has four levels of interconnect.

2. S/PDIF is based on the AES3 interconnect standard.

3. It must also interconnect the chip to a PCB.

4. Limbs interconnect in soft embraces.

5. Custom IC CAD. Interconnect Modeling.

6. A group's burrows often interconnect with other groups.

7. Passages within the body interconnect these areas.

8. the stories interconnect.

9. 1999 US5977638 – Edge metal for interconnect layers.

10. Nallatech was acquired by Interconnect Systems, Inc.

11. and long-distance inter-processor interconnect.

12. Interconnect may also refer to :

13. Some SMR systems offer telephone interconnect.

14. Interlaken is a royalty-free interconnect protocol.

15. There is one such ratio for each interconnect layer.

16. The primary interconnect is Infiband 4x DDR.

17. Interconnect. Device. System-level. Delay analysis.

18. Cyanide ligands interconnect pairs of metal centers.

19. TCP/IP is used as the interconnect.

20. The Interconnect is QDR InfiniBand.

21. Interconnect buses have parity protection.

22. This is known as "interconnect-style cabling".

23. A Cache Coherent Interconnect (CCI) is used.

24. Canals were also set up to interconnect the ring forts.

25. National Instruments will interconnect the power tools;

26. Proprietary interconnect to off the shelf mSATA SSD.

27. It is a variant of the torus interconnect.

28. this is called an HA interconnect (HA-IC).

29. Ping-Pong (interconnect microsec and MBps)

30. Allow other HSBs to interconnect with it.